Why Miguel's 'Candles in the Sun' Has a Much Deeper Meaning After George Floyd's Death

Tim Whitby/BFC/Getty Images

The 2012 single has been resonating with fans as of late.

Miguel’s 2012 single, “Candles in the Sun,” has found a deeper meaning in light of the fatal arrest of George Floyd. The song, from Miguel's Kaleidoscope Dream album, has become an anthem for fans amid outrage and ongoing protests that have broken out in memory of Floyd and other victims of police brutality and racial violence.

“Candles in the Sun has been a favorite since its release, but in this moment, the words are much older. Years later, this song is STILL extremely valuable,” one fan tweeted. 

“Miguel Candles in the sun song hits me different now in 2020,” read another tweet, while another added that the song is, "perfect to describe 2020.”

The GRAMMY winner performed “Candles in the Sun” during a virtual concert held in Floyd's honor last week. In a 2013 interview, Miguel explained that the song was meant to open dialogue around genocide and oppression. 

To commemorate Blackout Tuesday, the social media campaign launched by music industry executives to bring awareness to racial injustice, Miguel posted a message on Instagram sharing his plans to amplify resources to educate people about the "systematic oppression" faced by people of color.

“I’ll be posting a  handful of helpful resources to familiarize oneself [with] the systematic oppression of people of color here in the United States,” the 34-year-old singer wrote on Instagram on Tuesday. “Ultimately if we want the kind of change that addresses the root of the problem, we cannot lead with our anger or rage. Human history across cultures and civilization prove this. Now is the time to educate ourselves and each other and organize and strategize. Love you.”

Miguel is among several celebrities who have used their platform as a call to action in wake of Floyd's death.

Watch a message from Floyd's brother in the video below.