Why Sadie Robertson Isn't Opposed to Having Cameras in Delivery Room When She Gives Birth (Exclusive)

ET sits down with Sadie and her parents, Willie and Korie, to talk about their new series, 'At Home With the Robertsons.'

Sadie Robertson is just five weeks away from giving birth! When ET recently spoke to the 23-year-old Duck Dynasty star and her parents, Korie and Willie Robertson, about their new Facebook Watch series, At Home With the Robertsons, she talked about the possibility of letting cameras in to film her as she gives birth.

Sadie is pregnant with her first child, a baby girl, with husband Christian Huff. The Dancing With the Stars alum said that while they haven't discussed whether or not any filming will take place while she gives birth, she isn't 100 percent opposed to it.

"If I had cameras, maybe that would help me do better," Sadie told ET's Cassie DiLaura. "I'd feel the pressure and look a little more decent."

Still, Sadie noted that it's probably not an option given COVID-19 protocols. She is, however, extremely excited to meet her baby girl.

"I'm so ready," she gushed. "I know currently I have a little booty in my rib cage, so I'm ready for her to be [out] in the real world. I can't wait."

Meanwhile, Korie and Willie are loving being grandparents, and are looking forward to welcoming two more granddaughters. The couple is already grandparents to two boys, and aside from Sadie, have another granddaughter on the way.

"Well, we're getting better at it," Willie admitted. "We're all kind of close. We hang out together, and it's been really fun, just in the whole process and running around with grandkids, and it's fixing to double."

Korie added, "There's a lot happening but we love being grandparents. It's so much fun and all of them live close to us. So, we get to spend a lot of time [together]. They get to spend the night at our house ... and it's a lot of fun."

The family also talked to ET about returning to filming with At Home With the Robertsons, marking their first interview about the new series. The all-new show features the Robertsons inviting celebrity guests into their Louisiana home to have open discussions on a variety of issues.

"We've had a little time off since Duck Dynasty, which has been nice. We're just kind of waiting for something that we wanted to do, but more with a purpose," Willie shared. "So when this idea came along, we thought, man, this would be great, because we feel like that what our country needs now more than ever is just to sit down and talk. And we thought, 'Let's just invite people into our homes and sit down and talk.' There's a lot of heavy issues out there, and seems like there's a lot of disagreement and arguing and fighting. So, we want to try to see if we can change that a little bit."

Korie said the family isn't afraid to delve into sensitive issues.

"We've involved all of our family and we've talked about issues that are very personal to our family," she explained. "I don't think we even knew we were going to go there that far. And then you get in this conversation and, yeah, there's something really special about just sitting across the table from somebody and learning and hearing and being open."

"But one thing that I think has been really fun and special is just the friendships we made through this. We've done this as a show and these celebrity guests have come in and you're like, 'Oh, we're going to spend a day with them.' And then we end up there staying after we get done filming and hanging out and having dinner," she continued. "Everyone stayed after for dinner. ... We love having friends that maybe just think a little different than us because I think that it's kind of opened your mind to other people and what they're going through in life."

As for Willie, he talked about always being open-minded to different backgrounds and lifestyles -- including inviting a vegan chef to their home.

"I mean, our family's like a melting pot," he noted. "I mean, if you look at our Christmas card, it's like a UN meeting. Our son is Black and we have a daughter from Asia, so, yeah. We've had to talk about issues and bring in different cultures. ... And I think for me, what's been eye-opening is actually hearing the stories of the people and where that came from. We had a vegan chef come in and I don't hang around with a lot of vegans here in Westborough, Louisiana, believe it or not. But just hearing his story and what his thoughts were and passions are and where that came from was really eye-opening for me."

"It's good to hear that because I think a lot of us ... we'll hang around with people who agree with what we agree with or we act alike," he added. "And so for us, it was really just opening up and saying, 'Hey, tell me what that is.' Because someone may have a preconceived conception of me because of where I came from. And so I think that's been eye-opening for me."

At Home with the Robertsons premieres Monday, April 5 at 9 a.m. PT/on Facebook Watch, with new episodes dropping weekly, every Monday and Thursday at 9 a.m. PT.