Why Spencer Pratt Thinks Brody Jenner and TikTok Star Daisy Keech's Romance Is 'Serious' (Exclusive)

As for the other stars of 'The Hills: New Beginnings,' the couple teases 'some new romances.'

Brody Jenner's rumored new romance has the support of two of his longtime co-stars!

ET's Katie Krause spoke with The Hills: New Beginnings stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt via video chat on Wednesday and they were quick to bring up the photos of Jenner with 20-year-old TikTok star and fitness influencer Daisy Keech together at an upscale supermarket in Los Angeles last week. 

"I'm really hoping Brody brings Daisy onto the show, because that will help Heidi's TikTok account," Pratt said of Keech appearing on the upcoming season of the MTV reality series once the quarantine is up. "...I think that those two look like a perfect match."

While Pratt has yet to hang out with 36-year-old Jenner and his rumored new girlfriend, he's convinced that this is more than a spring fling. 

Brody Jenner and TikTok Star Daisy Keech - Getty Images

"I was texting with [Brody] and telling him we need to get his TikTok account and get it verified and it seemed like that was important [to him]. If it wasn't a serious relationship, he probably wouldn't care about having a verified TikTok account," Pratt, 36, explained. "I took that as, 'Oh, it's serious.'"

Montag, 33, is also excited about these two possibly being an item, and what it could mean for her own presence on TikTok. "I would love to do a TikTok with Daisy. She's very inspiring and she's an O.G.," Montag shared. 

As for the rest of The Hills cast, both Pratt and Montag teased that love is in the air this upcoming season! "There are some new romances that I never saw coming -- out of freaking left field," Pratt dished. "On reality shows, I love romance and hook-ups."

Montag said she and her husband haven't even had to play matchmaker lately. "I think everyone is playing matchmaker for themselves. I think there's a lot of people on the rebound, too," she said.

She also hinted about next season, "I think there's a lot of drama going on in people's marriages and lives too that will be interesting to play out. There's a lot of stuff going on."