Will 'Daisy Jones & The Six' Return With Season 2? Sam Claflin Has Already Pitched an Idea (Exclusive)

The stars of the Prime Video series say they're open to reuniting on screen for another season.

After 10 episodes, Daisy Jones & The Six has come to an emotional conclusion, revealing what happened to the many people in and surrounding the band, both in the late 1970s and the present. While a few notable characters died along the way, most of the band survived the meteoric rise and fall long enough to be able to recount the story of their brief but fiery time in the spotlight. 

Adapted from author Taylor Jenkins Reid's wildly popular book of the same name, the show was initially conceived and promoted as a limited series. "Season 1, we did the book from front cover to the back," executive producer Brad Mendelshohn tells ET's Nischelle Turner. 

But given the fans' passion for Daisy Jones & The Six and the many, many stories still left untold, especially in the present timeline, it's not surprising that the cast -- and even some of the show's producers -- are interested in reuniting for another season. 

"It does leave you hanging," admits Riley Keough, who shined bright on the series as the titular Daisy Jones, prompting Sam Claflin, who plays lead singer Billy Dunne, to ask, "Where do I sign up?"  

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"If they said we were gonna do another one, another series, I would," says Suki Waterhouse, who portrayed keyboardist Karen Sirko, whose romance with Graham Dunne (Will Harrison) was one of the many highlights of the series – and still largely left unexplored compared to way that things between Daisy, Billy and Camila Alvarez (Camila Morrone) were at the center of the story.  

"Karen and Graham need to come back for a season 2," Morrone suggests, while executive producer Scott Neustadter agrees. "There's more to the story," he says of the band's other couple. 

Josh Whitehouse, who plays bassist Eddie Roundtree, and Sebastian Chacon, who appeared as drummer Warren Rojas, also have ideas for what season 2 could cover. "We do the 1980s European tour," Chacon says with a laugh, considering how the band's first major tour ended, while Whitehouse jokes that audiences could follow "Eddie during his punk phase." 

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Claflin, too, also has an idea for a new season. "I actually already pitched my version of series 2," he reveals. "I still feel like there's so much more to come. But it's not for us to say. Maybe Taylor Jenkins really needs to write another book." 

And given how certain characters' stories ended -- no spoilers here -- Morrone says, "They can figure out a way to write us back in there." 

"I hope that the audience is out there and they demand a second season," Mendelshohn says, open to the idea of doing more. But he, like the other producers on the series, says it's out of his hands. "Hopefully Prime Video would want to go again."  

While there is nothing official in the works, "talk to Amazon," executive producer Lauren Levy Neustadter says, before adding, "It was really a joy to make this and it would be great to have a reunion for sure."

In the meantime, let's just hope the band reunites for a tour

Daisy Jones & The Six is now streaming on Prime Video.