Will Ferrell Channels His Ron Burgundy Character to Interview Roger Federer at Australian Open

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Will Ferrell channeled his famous Anchorman persona for a hilarious post-match interview of Roger Federer at the Australian Open.

Just moments after Federer defeated Aljaz Bedene in the first round of the tournament on Tuesday, the 50-year-old actor walked onto the court, greeting Federer and John McEnroe -- whom he called "John McIntosh" -- in full Ron Burgundy mode, according to a video posted on Twitter by the Australian Open.

"Roger, tonight you seemed like a gazelle out there on the court," Ferrell deadpanned. "Would you describe your game as a 'silky gazelle?'"

The Swiss tennis legend gamely did his best to play along. "Maybe? Maybe not?" he replied. "Don't they get eaten at the end?"

"Not if they're fast enough," Ferrell noted.

The quick Ferrell-as-Burgundy interview brought to light some never-before-asked questions, such as whether Federer is a "witch or a vampire" (he is neither), whether he gets annoyed by fans yelling his name (he does not) and whether his diet consisted solely of wombat meat (it does not).

"It is delicious," Ferrell waxed. "The national food of Australia."

The Step Brothers star finally ended the "interview" by signing off as only Ron Burgundy could: "Stay classy, Melbourne."

Watch the full exchange below.

For more on Ferrell, watch the video below.


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