‘Will & Grace’ Star Eric McCormack Promises There Will Be ‘Closure’ for Will and Vince (Exclusive)

ET caught up with the actor at Tie the Knot's fifth anniversary party at NeueHouse Hollywood on Thursday, where he dished on Bobby Cannavale's return to the hit show. 'Will & Grace' guest star Jane Lynch was also there and teased her episode, too.

Will Truman and Vince D’Angelo’s story isn’t quite finished.

Bobby Cannavale is set to return to Will & Grace later this season as Eric McCormack’s love interest from the original series, Vince. The reunion for the exes comes after Harry Connick Jr.’s guest spot on this week’s episode, which saw some closure for his character, Leo, and Grace (Debra Messing).

“I don’t want to give too much away, but I love what happens in the Vince episode,” McCormack spills to ET. “It's an interesting way to bring an old lover back. There is a kind of closure, mostly because we can't afford Bobby Cannavale all the time. But, yeah, it's gonna be. It's a really and satisfying episode.”

ET chatted with the actor at Tie the Knot’s five-year anniversary party at NeueHouse Hollywood on Thursday. Upcoming Will & Grace guest star Jane Lynch was also in attendance, and teased her episode.

“I can't wait for you to see it!” she gushes. “Andrew Rannells and I play a couple who run a gay conversion camp and we're so gay ourselves it makes your teeth hurt.”


“Thank God, Will & Grace is back,” she adds. “Boy, do we need it. And it also shows it's one of the funniest shows on television and, you know, a lot of stuff pales in comparison.”

According to McCormack, the creative team behind the show is avoiding “stunt casting” for the revival. The original series regularly saw big names like Cher and Madonna stop by for episodes, which McCormack admits he didn’t always love.

“I mean, it got distracting after a while,” he says. “But to have great actors like Jane Lynch, like Andrew Rannells, is -- that's a very different thing. Then you're not stunt casting. You're bringing in the funniest people you can, and that's what you can expect. Really funny people.”

Thursday’s event also celebrated Tie the Knot having raised more than $1 million for LGBTQ equality organizations. Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his now-husband, Justin Mikita, started the charity originally to fight for marriage equality. Each year, they release bow ties that raise money for various LGBTQ charities, and this year, the cast of Will & Grace designed a collection.

Zack Whitford / BFA.com

“I mean, they're an iconic show that I think really started a lot of momentum toward, in terms of pop culture, a touchstone for the marriage equality discussion,” Ferguson notes. “Justin and I are both fans of the show. We kind of thought on a whim, should we ask them? Do you think they'll say yes? Maybe we'll get one of them … and all four of them immediately said yes.”

McCormack sported his design on the red carpet, an homage to his home country of Canada, featuring hearts and maple leaves.

“Canada passed same-sex marriage as a law in 2005,” he says. “So, when Bush was still running things, you could marry your partner in Canada. I was always very proud of that, and I said to Jesse, between that and the fact that we have this really hot prime minister, it seems like a natural bow tie.”

For more Will & Grace goodness, check out the video below.