Will Smith Goes Grinch on Wife Jada PInkett Smith's Christmas Cheer -- and It's Pretty Amazing!

Will Smith
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Will Smith's Christmas cheer has deflated -- and you can blame his wife for that.

Jada Pinkett Smith is known to go overboard celebrating the holidays, and this year, the 49-year-old actor just wasn't having it.

The Bright star posted a selfie to Instagram, where he looked like a total grinch despite rocking a holiday sweater -- actually, it was mostly because of it.

"Somebody Please Help! Jada makes us wear these Ugly A** Sweaters for Christmas... She’s Doin’ Too Much! And she’s just gettin’ Started," he wrote on Sunday.

Even if he wasn't a fan of the festive shirts, he still managed to smile while posing for a pic with Jada and their kids, 19-year-old son Jaden and 17-year-old daughter Willow. 

"Tryna get some photos in before these sweaters start Itchin’! I’m starting to feel it already," Will complained. "@treysmith0011 we wish you were here."

He also shared a video of his crew getting ready for a sleigh ride at Jada's behest, joking, "Yeah, see? Willow's infected with that Christmas stuff, too." 

They were all handed jingle bells and proceeded to carol in the sled -- which, honestly, looked like a whole lot of fun. Will couldn't remember the lyrics to "12 Days of Christmas," and you've got to hear his hilarious version:

At the Bright premiere earlier this month, Will opened up to ET about Jada and Jaden's Christmas spirit.

"Jaden is getting very serious about Christmas. It used to be just Jada, and now Jaden is starting to yearn for Christmas time," Will explained. "He's got pajamas with footies for Christmas -- like, he's taking it too serious. We need some family time so he can deal with that."

"See, here's the deal: So, for the last probably 20 years, Jada has been bat raving looney about Christmas. Like, she goes really, really far with Christmas, and up until now, it's been like, us against her for Christmas, just to keep a little family sanity around Christmas," he added. "But now, Jaden is starting to flip to the other side, so I'm concerned that my family is going to go real Christmas wacky."

Looks like his fears came true!

Hear more from Will at the Los Angeles premiere in the video below.


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