Will Smith Puts a Global Spin on 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Theme Song in New Super Bowl Spot

Smith invited fans from around the world to rap the '90s show's theme song in anticipation of 'Bel-Air's Super Bowl Sunday premiere.

Will Smith is taking us back to Bel-Air ahead of the Peacock reboot's Super Bowl Sunday premiere.

In the new ad set to premiere during Super Bowl LVI, Smith, accompanied by some talented beat-boxing, starts rapping The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's theme song.

It's not long before he is joined by fans of all ages from across the world, who help him finish the '90s sitcom's famous theme song. Whether they're rapping along with him, playing the flute, doing a step dance group or even playing the famous tune via a mariachi band, the ad has us feeling nostalgic for the beloved series and excited for Bel-Air's premiere.

Premiering Sunday, the Peacock drama is set to release its first three episodes at launch before releasing new episodes weekly.

ET spoke with Jabari Banks, who is lacing up his sneakers and stepping into the role of Will for the new original series based on the hit '90s sitcom, about getting Smith's blessing ahead of taking on the role.

"He's my hero, man, and he's been such an inspiration for me and the show has been such a defining show for my life," Banks told ET. "So, to be in this position is great."

Banks is making his acting debut in Bel-Air and already has Smith’s full support.  

"He’s given me a lot of advice on how to go about this career in general," Banks said. "The biggest thing I think he would say for this role is just to be myself. Because that’s what he was doing up there as the Fresh Prince in the original series that we all know and love. He was just being himself."

"He wasn’t trying to be anybody else. So that was the biggest surprise for me was just to lean into my instincts, lean into my upbringing, remember who I am and be authentically me on camera," he continued. "I’m so blessed to have this opportunity to do that in front of the world and to take on these shoes."

While Smith played the lead role in the '90s sitcom from 1990 until the show’s end in 1996, today, he serves as an executive producer on the reimagined series.

For fans of the original, Banks said that Bel-Air honors the original’s storyline and iconic characters. "You will see all of the characters that you know and love. Cassy Freeman, who plays Aunt Viv, she said it so beautifully, that if you went into all of the characters' diaries and you saw their inner workings of how they felt, moment to moment, and what the situations that were going on in their life, that’s what we’re doing with this show," he explained.

"It’s gonna be super exciting to see and we always drop the Easter eggs and the tidbits from the original," Banks added. "There’s a lot of great callbacks, so that’ll be super exciting for OG fans to see and watch."

Bel-Air begins streaming on Peacock Feb. 13.