Will Smith Reveals Which of His Family Members Are 'Very Serious' About Christmas This Year (Exclusive)

The Smith clan is going hard on holiday spirit -- whether the 'Bright' star likes it or not!

Will Smith has got the Christmas spirit!

ET caught up with the 49-year-old actor at the premiere of his new Netflix movie, Bright, at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, California, on Wednesday, where he revealed why the holidays are such a special time for the Smith clan.

"We've been scattered to the four corners all this year, so Christmas is the [time we] come together," Will said of his busy family. 

Even though his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, is the reigning queen of Christmas in their household, the actor said son Jaden Smith is coming for his own royal crown. 

"Jaden is getting very serious about Christmas. It used to be just Jada, and now Jaden is starting to yearn for Christmas time," Will explained. "He's got pajamas with footies for Christmas -- like, he's taking it too serious. We need some family time so he can deal with that."

"See, here's the deal: So, for the last probably 20 years, Jada has been bat raving looney about Christmas. Like, she goes really, really far with Christmas, and up until now, it's been like, us against her for Christmas, just to keep a little family sanity around Christmas," he added. "But now, Jaden is starting to flip to the other side, so I'm concerned that my family is going to go real Christmas wacky."

The red carpet alone was proof of how busy Will's family is. Jaden accompanied his dad to the premiere after performing a mini-concert on the red carpet in support of his new album, Syre, and Will's eldest son, Trey Smith, was on his way. Jada spent the evening at home and their daughter, Willow Smith, was working. 

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As for the movie itself, Will told ET he was "excited to just take this leap with Netflix."

"It's a whole new world in terms of the way human beings are going to consume entertainment and information and all of that, and this is a really different kind of idea, different way to do it. Judging by the red carpet it's not any smaller than [theaterical releases]."

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Bright, streaming Dec. 22, stars Will, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace, Edgar Ramirez and Lucy Fry and is directed by Suicide Squad's David Ayer. It may be the first installment in a franchise about a fantastical world that looks a lot like modern-day L.A., where the police force is composed of humans and orcs, magic is outlawed and fairies are on the run.

A magical Will Smith? Yeah, we've never been upset about that.