Witney Carson Admits She's Still 'Shocked' Over Her Pregnancy and the Baby's Gender (Exclusive)

ET exclusively spoke with the pro dancer just days after she announced she's expecting her first child with husband Carson McAllister.

Witney Carson and her husband, Carson McAllister, still can't believe they're going to be parents in 2021!

The lovebirds sat down for their first joint interview with ET since announcing the news that they're expecting their first child together. Throughout the chat, the Dancing With the Stars pro and her husband were beaming with joy while sharing all the details on her pregnancy journey so far, and how they reacted to the exciting news themselves.

"Baby's first interview! It's absolutely insane," Witney, who is currently 16 weeks pregnant, exclaimed to ET's Lauren Zima. "It came as a shock because we were not expecting it; we both kind of looked at each other and were very surprised. So, it's kind of taken some time to digest this news, but ultimately, we are just so excited. And it's just kind of crazy to be growing a human inside me. Like, it's bizarre! I don't even think it's hit him yet at all."

"Yeah, she's still so little. Kind of out of sight, out of mind for me," Carson joked. "It hasn't quite hit me yet."

Witney revealed that she and Carson were trying for a baby last August, but when that didn't happen, "we kind of didn't try" after that. "Then all of a sudden in April, I guess it happened for us, which is just shocking," she said. "I am still just so shocked, but it just goes to show you that everything happens for a reason."

Interestingly enough, Witney was actually pregnant when her fellow DWTS pro and BFF, Lindsay Arnold, called her to announce that she is expecting a little one of her own, a baby girl, with husband Sam Cusick. 

"So Lindsay's due in November, and then I'm due in January. Everybody thought that we planned it, but it's so funny because we really didn't," she said, laughing. "Lindsay told me she was pregnant when she was, like, 11 or 12 weeks. I was already pregnant, I just didn't know it. It was so crazy."

"I actually found out I was pregnant the week after she told me," she continued. "It is so special. I mean, honestly, she has been so great through this process. We were talking yesterday, and I'm like, 'So you're kind of the guinea pig.' She's like, 'I'm fine, I'll try it out first and let you know how it goes.' But it's been so fun. We've obviously known each other since we were about nine years old, so to do literally everything together has just been so special and I cannot wait to be mothers together."

While fans know that Lindsay will be giving birth to a baby girl, Witney told ET that she and Carson are keeping their lips sealed on their baby's gender. For now, at least.

"We actually already know, but we are waiting to reveal that later," she explained. "Like I said, it came as a shock, so we're still digesting a lot. We're just gonna do it when we're ready to share it. It's going to take some time, I think, but it'll be soon."

"Let's just say, we both thought hundred percent the opposite," she added. "I was like, 'Oh, I'll have mother's intuition,' but I don't have it at all. When the genders out it'll make more sense. And I'll explain it, but it's hard right now."

Later in the interview, Witney also revealed the sweet (and very real!) advice she received from fellow DWTS pro Peta Murgatroyd, who is mom to 3-year-old son Shai with husband Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

"Peta's just really great, she's so excited for us," Witney shared. "She's just giving us some positive encouragement. She's like, 'Just enjoy every single moment. Even if you're sick, just be so grateful for this baby. It's the best time of your life.'"

Witney also admitted that she and Carson are doing their best to enjoy "this little bit of downtime" they have right now, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Obviously we're getting ready for the baby, which is taking up a lot of our time," she shared. "We're getting the nursery ready and all the baby stuff, which I have no idea about. I'm learning about things that I didn't really want to learn."

"I'm also really excited about my clothing line, Capri. I've had it for a bit, but now I'm kind of relaunching it," she continued. "We might do maternity clothes, we might do baby clothes. That's just kind of something that I've always wanted to do."

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