'Wonder Woman' Director Patty Jenkins on How She Balances It All: 'They Should be Asking Everyone That'

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Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins knows that women and men struggle when it comes to balancing their home and work lives.

In a behind-the-scenes video from her Variety "Power of Women" cover shoot, Jenkins opened up about not being "offended" when people ask that question -- but acknowledged it's a more universal issue.

"I think they should be asking everyone that," she said. "Particularly when I see the men on my crews really struggling, because they are very active participants in raising their children and they're trying to make to their kids' events and trying to see them every night and trying to do those things."

She added, "I'm lucky to have a very supportive family, but I try to give the best I can every moment I can that I'm not working."

Jenkins also shared the best advice she ever received in her career, from her earliest job as a camera person. 

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"'It's relentlessly difficult and everyone around you will never understand.'" she recounted someone telling her. "'But if you love it, then you have to embrace the fact that it's a completely different lifestyle than you're used to. And just go forward with that understanding.'"

Wonder Woman smashed box office records, and has become the highest grossing live-action film ever directed by a woman. Jenkins is on board for the sequel, with a reported salary that will make her the highest-paid female director in Hollywood.

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“It’s wonderful, it’s what you hope for,” Jenkins told ET in August of the film’s financial and critical success. “You work so hard on [films] for so long, everybody that makes them hopes for success in every way they can possibly get it. So it’s felt very lucky and incredible to get both.”

But the director also knows the movie's impact goes beyond making money.

“There is something about this movie that felt like it was speaking to [women] more than they had seen before because of the point of view being slightly different. I think that has been remarkable,” she said. 

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For more on the Wonder Woman sequel, watch the video below!

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