WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss Reveals Why Fiancé Ryan Cabrera Is Handling All Their Wedding Planning (Exclusive)

The WWE Superstar opened up to ET about her relationship with Cabrera and their upcoming wedding.

WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss is about to be in wedded bliss with her fiancé, Ryan Cabrera. Bliss spoke with ET about how supportive Cabrera has been of her career and even revealed that the singer has taken over all the planning for their big day.

"Ryan is super supportive. He watches every Monday Night Raw and he comes to as many of my shows as he can," Bliss shared. "He loves it, he thinks it is so fun."

The couple met after a rumor was started that they were an item, which led to the pair becoming friends and eventually dating.

"We met because there was a rumor that we were dating and we didn't know each other yet, so whoever was running his social media at the time was liking a bunch of my tweets, and WWE fans are very passionate and very passionate about what goes on in our character's lives as well as our personal lives, so there were a few people that made these Instagram accounts saying that we were dating and tagged all of our friends," she recalled.

Bliss continued, "Miz [The Miz] called Ryan and said, 'Oh, I heard you are linked to Alexa Bliss,' and he was like, 'What's Alexa Bliss? I don't know what that is,' and then I get a call and they were like, 'Hey, I heard you are dating Ryan' and I was like, 'I don't know who that is,' and we actually just started talking that way. We became friends and that turned into the most incredible relationship and now we are engaged, so it worked out for the best."

Cabrera and Bliss got engaged in November 2020 in a sweet proposal that was captured on camera and later shared by the pair on Instagram.

While the couple do almost everything together, the WWE Superstar is admittedly "not a wedding person," telling ET that the wedding is really "Ryan's wedding."

"Everyone that knows us and knows Ryan, knows that it is Ryan's wedding," Bliss revealed. "I am not a wedding person, I never have been. He told me when we got engaged that you just have to show up, and I didn't really believe him, but now I truly believe him because even my mom and my best friend are like, we don't know what's going on with the wedding,' and I was like, 'I don't know either,' but I know a majority of it is planned already."

Their nuptials are a dream come true for Cabrera, who Bliss said has been waiting for his wedding day "forever."

"Ryan's got it taken care of. He's been waiting for this day -- he's told me, 'I've been waiting for my wedding day forever,' and he's like, 'I'll plan it all. Everything. Just tell me what you like.' Luckily, we have the same interests and same likes," she said.

"All the way down to my dress," she added. "He helped me get it designed, and he's been incredible."

The couple is planning to tie the knot in a desert wedding next April after Bliss competes in Wrestlemania.

And Cabrera is just as involved inside the ring as he is outside of it, even helping Bliss add to her character's look.

"I wear these overalls that are black leather that Ryan created for me," Bliss said. "He created the smiley face with pigtails that's now a staple of my character because I told him I wanted to look like a child finger painted on my outfit, and so he actually did that for me."

Catch Bliss -- and a potential sneak peek at Cabrera in the stands -- when SummerSlam streams live, Aug. 21 at 8 p.m. ET on Peacock.



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