'Yellowjackets': Melanie Lynskey Says Season 2 Is Adding 'Older Versions' of Characters (Exclusive)

Melanie Lynskey
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'Yellowjackets' season 2 looks to be adding a few more adult versions of the teenage survivors.

As Yellowjackets prepares to start filming season 2, star Melanie Lynskey reveals that Showtime’s hit survival series is busy adding new – and noticeably older -- members to the cast. “I know new people are coming in,” the actress reveals to ET’s Lauren Zima while promoting the release of her latest series, the Hulu true-crime saga Candy. “Older versions of a couple of the younger cast they’re trying to cast right now.” 

Not only that, but Lynskey thinks “they’re gonna cast an older Van,” a fan-favorite currently played by Liv Hewson in the past timeline as the remaining survivors continue to cope in the Canadian Rockies where they’re stranded.   

When it comes to who could play an older version of the character, the internet has floated out many ideas. But the Critics Choice Award winner has one brilliant suggestion: “Natasha Lyonne,” the longtime actress who is currently starring on Netflix’s Russian Doll. “She’s a friend of mine and I’m obsessed with her, but she’s too busy,” Lynskey says, noting that she’s “just sort of, like, dream casting it.”

Of the current younger characters, the cast agrees that Van is the one they want to see most as an adult, especially “because I very much want [Liv] to be on the show forever and ever,” Lynskey said back in February, while co-star Tawny Cypress added that “it’d be really fun to see an adult Taissa meeting up with an adult Van and where that goes and what that history is all about.”  

Meanwhile, showrunners Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson are busy putting together the new episodes, while promising that they will “up the stakes” in season 2. “We are still figuring out exactly when we start filming, but we're looking to get going as quickly as we can,” Lyle said about starting production, adding that “the cliffhangers will be a big part of [season 2]. We don't want to leave anyone hanging for too long.” 

This of course explains why Lynskey says she hasn’t received any scripts yet. “I think they’ve been doing some outlines,” she shares, noting that she’s trying to stay out of their way and not pester them with too many questions about where the story is headed. “I’m trying to leave them alone for a while because I can be a bit annoying in terms of trying to get information because I just want to know everything. I want as much information as I can get. So, I’m going to give them a little bit of space before I start to annoy them.”

No matter what, Lynskey is sure that the new episodes will be just as good, if not better, than season 1. “The writers are so good. I mean, I felt like last year I was excited to see what happened and then every script I’m like, ‘That’s what’s happening? That’s crazy!’” she says. “So, I’m excited for more of those moments. I’m hoping that I get a few more scenes with Christina [Ricci] because I only had stuff with her in the last episode and she’s so fun.”