'Younger' Season 5 First Look Teases Huge Premiere-Ending Moment That'll Change the Show Forever (Exclusive)

ET has the exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming season of TV Land's sexy comedy.

The countdown to the return of Younger is on.

TV Land's addictive comedy series may not be back for two more months, so ET is here with an early Christmas present: a first look from the upcoming fifth season!

In ET's exclusive video, which features previously unseen footage from the premiere interspliced with the cast's first table read, Younger creator Darren Star dropped a major tease that will leave you desperately counting down the days until June 5.

"I think the end of this first episode just changes the equation for the entire series going forward, and it doesn't happen until the very, very final moment of the episode. You have to keep watching -- even past the point where you think the episode is over, because it happens in the very last moment," Star hints. Adding to the intrigue of the mysterious game-changing revelation is the cast's shocked expressions and reactions, notably Foster's.

"If there is one overarching idea for the season, it's that things get real," Star adds, earlier saying that the premiere could have been "the finale." "The surprise really comes out of left field, and yet we get to tell a story that's happening right now." One storyline that Younger will examine amid the #MeToo and Time's Up movements is sexual harassment in the workplace via the fictional George R.R. Martin-inspired author Edward L.L. Moore.

Following the dramatic season four finale, which saw Charles calling Liza and Josh and Clare getting married, Foster spoke with ET about what the future holds for Liza in the romance department, and she revealed that Liza and Charles' relationship is something she'd like to explore further in season five.

"I will say that I think Charles and Liza are inevitable. I feel like there’s something there, just like in the weird way that Josh and Liza are inevitable," Foster told ET last September. "But I think the Charles and Liza of it all needs to be explored. It still hasn’t been. It’s been thwarted every time. They’ve had all these moments where they come together and then something comes up. What I’m hoping is that season five will give them a shot and we’ll see what that is. I can’t say that’s the end of Josh, so I don’t know. It’s Younger. You know they’re going to be pulling some crazy sh*t out, so I can’t try to predict it!"

Younger premieres Tuesday, June 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TV Land.


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