Yvonne Orji Shares Her Hope for Molly and Issa's Friendship Ahead of 'Insecure's Final Season (Exclusive)

Orji also spoke with ET about her new book, 'Bamboozled by Jesus,' out on May 25.

Yvonne Orji knows that life is messy and sometimes people fall out.

The 37-year-old actress has high hopes for the upcoming fifth and final season of Insecure, sharing in an interview with ET's Nischelle Turner that the characters "go through so much." Season 4 left off with Orji's Molly in a bad place with best friend Issa (Issa Rae). Fans of the HBO series hope the two reconnect before the final episodes.

"That is what I would hope, you know, but life is messy," Orji admits, while promoting her new book, Bamboozled by Jesus. "You just have to watch and see, and see what relationships last and don't. And sometimes with life, there's some that don't. … What I can say is life is messy and situations are complicated."

It's been a long journey for Molly, who dealt with a handful of work-related and relationship issues. Always the independent one, viewers saw her and Andrew's (Alexander Hodge) love story end.

As for where Molly's headspace is in the upcoming episodes, Orji says, "I think she's still figuring it out. It's a journey for all of us. And all of us being in a pandemic, we are just trying to figure it out, and so is she."

The last Insecure season also left off with a major bombshell. As Issa and Lawrence (Jay Ellis) rekindled their romance, it was revealed that Condola (Christina Elmore) was pregnant with Lawrence's baby and she's planning to keep it.

"We go through so much. It's possible that we may travel through time. We go through a lot. We go through some generations," Orji details. "We go through 10 episodes, they all might not be an hour long, but you see an evolution. You are able to see the evolution of the characters, you're able to hopefully get some answers. Y'all be wanting the answers, boy, and I hope y'all like the answers."

"I think Issa, like she said, she wants it to feel like a chapter that ended," she continues. "And you're not looking at the book like, what the heck was that?"

Speaking about her journey in entertainment and landing Insecure, Orji couldn't feel more blessed.

"I had no agent. I had no manager. I barely took two or three acting classes. I was just grinding," she said before landing the role, which earned her an Emmy nomination. "I did five auditions to get to that moment and then it was like, 'They for real told me? Like for real it was me? I did it? And oh my god!'"

Even after getting the coveted role, she still felt insecure about her job and performance.

"I thought I was getting fired week one to [now] season 4, I'm getting Emmy nominated?! It's like the process continues no matter how good you think you are in the beginning, [life] always has more to uncover and evolve you," she expresses, before touching on how much she's also learned from Rae. "I learned so much from Issa when Issa's not even saying anything, you know what I mean."

"She's very specific in what she wants and there's nothing accidental about her," she notes. "She's very specific and just very intentional with how she envisions things. She's also very gracious. Like, there's so many of us that have been given a chance beyond just what it is that we are doing on the show."

Her book, Bamboozled by Jesus, digs deeper into her start in the industry, why she almost quit, as well as her faith and why she's saving herself until marriage. The book is dedicated to her parents.

"I really was like, who helped shape the me that I am going to be talking about in these pages? And I was like, who better than my parents?" she says. "They, for better and for worse, in good and in bad, they did as much as they could to make me the me that I am. So I was like, this is for them. This is for all of the [immigrant parents] that exist in order to help their kids' dreams. ... So yeah, it made sense."

People will get to watch Orji's life story play out on TV with her autobiographical series on Disney+ titled First Gen. The project is executive produced by the one and only Oprah Winfrey.

"Isn't that the pinnacle of getting bamboozled? There's a chapter where I say I may not win but I always win," she laughs.

Bamboozled by Jesus is out on May 25.