21 Savage's Lawyer Demands His Release: He Is 'the Type of Immigrant We Want in America'

21 Savage
Prince Williams/Wireimage

Take a look at the rapper's lawyer's new statement.

21 Savage’s legal team is demanding his release, claiming his alleged infraction is a civil law violation.

On Sunday, the Atlanta rapper was arrested by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), revealing in the process that 21 Savage, whose real name is Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, is a British national who is in the country illegally after his nonimmigrant visa expired in 2006, when the rapper was a minor.

Now, immigration firm Kuck Baxter has released a statement on behalf of 21 Savage, requesting his case be dealt with in civil court. In the statement, he alleges that the performer was arrested “based upon incorrect information about prior criminal charges and now [ICE is] refusing to release him on bond of any amount, despite the fact that he has a pending U-Visa application (as the victim of crime) with USCIS.”

The criminal charges mentioned could be referring to 21 Savage’s drug felony charges in Atlanta in 2014. The crime for which he is a victim is not clear.

Baxter went on to argue that the usual reasons for detainment, such as being a flight risk, do not apply in 21 Savage’s case.

“Likewise, Mr. Abraham-Joseph is clearly not a danger to the community, and in fact, his contributions to local communities and schools that he grew up in are examples of the type of immigrant we want in America," the statement continued.

21 Savage’s lawyer concluded by stating they have no intention of giving up his fight for freedom, or his ability to stay in the U.S.

“We and he will fight for his release, for his family, and his right to remain in our country,” he wrote. “No one would expect less from him.”

Soon after the rapper’s arrest on Sunday, Dina LaPolt, another one of his lawyers, released a statement as well, explaining the situation.

"We are working diligently to get Mr. Abraham-Joseph out of detention while we work with authorities to clear up any misunderstanding," she said, also adding that he’s "a role model to the young people in the country."

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