25 Amazon Dorm Room Essentials to Make Your Space Feel Like Home

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Best College Dorm Essentials
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Summer break is almost over, meaning it's time to start shopping for dorm décor. Your bedroom back home is probably decorated from ceiling to floor in your favorite color, with tons of books, plus some posters. Unfortunately, you can't fit your entire home in a suitcase and take it with you to college. Thankfully, Amazon has your dorm décor covered with affordable appliances, bedding, and wall decorations. 

Whether this is your first time living in a dorm or your fourth semester in one, you know that there's a lengthy list of dos and don'ts for decorating your dorm. For example, you can't paint your dorm room. Still, Amazon has plenty of home decorations to make those plain walls a bit more trendy. After all, bring your room to life with some hanging lights and a colorful cork bulletin board. Of course, you can't just think about décor when it comes to your dorm room.

Every dorm room needs the essentials (aside from textbooks). Mini fridges, air purifiers, and microwaves make college life simpler. You can store that sandwich you snagged from the dining hall in your mini fridge. Obviously, air purifiers work overtime to make musty rooms smell fresh—and they make your seasonal allergies a bit more bearable. And do we really need to explain why a microwave is handy? No, because everyone knows a microwave in your dorm saves you from a late-night trip to the kitchenette or dining hall.

Apart from wall décor and dorm-safe appliances, your dorm room should feel welcoming. Need a visual or two? Add these 25 dorm room essentials to your carts ASAP. 

Shop Dorm Bedding Essentials

When you think of home, you probably think of your cozy bed. All your favorite pillows, comforters, and colorful blankets are just a few items that make your bed so comfortable. Even if you're stuck using a bunk bed this academic year, you can still elevate your bedding with a comforter set in your favorite color. Plus, plenty of other comfortable bed essentials are available on Amazon.

The microfiber fabric makes this a comfortable option for any college dorm room. Plus, the tufted design makes this bedding set seem more elegant. 


Add a pop of color to your bed with this knitted throw blanket that comes in 16 different colors.


Dorm mattresses can be uncomfortable, to say the least. But you don't need to suffer through a semester (or more) of back pain because of it. Add a gel-infused memory foam mattress to your bed for some additional cushioning. 


Who can sleep without a pillow of two? Seriously, if you can sleep without a pillow, we're only slightly worried about you.



Shop Dorm Organization and Storage Essentials

Keeping your dorm room tidy is always a struggle. You don't need to clean it 24/7, but you will want to keep it in tip-top shape. From storage ottomans to closet organizers, Amazon has a handful of organization and storage options that will keep your clutter out of sight.

This bedside attachment gives you a convenient place to put your phone or water bottle while you sleep. So you don't have to use a bulky end table (if you were lucky enough to get a dorm room without a bunk bed, that is).


The perfect organizer to keep your cosmetics, jewelry, hair accessories neat and easy to find. 


This hanging organizer is an essential for your dorm or apartment room closet to stay organized. Plus, it comes with 3 removable drawers that can fit inside the unit or used separately for more storage. 


Store extra sets of sheets, towels, blankets, and any other items in this collapsible storage ottoman. 


Declutter and save space in your dorm room or apartment with this shoe organizer.


These drawer organizers will help you keep all your favorite outfits organized. 


Shop Dorm Décor Essentials

Everyone decorates their dorm differently. After all, we all have different styles. Want to lay down a shag rug and call your dorm decorated? Amazon has the rug for the job. If you need your throw pillows to make your dorm livable, Amazon has a throw pillow in virtually every colorway and shape possible. (Say hello to your new favorite flower-shaped throw pillow!)

This crystal table lamp with amp up the ambiance in your dorm (or at least on your desk). Plus, this lamp acts as a charging station for your phone or tablet.


Liven up your dorm room with a fluffy shade area rug. Opt for 4 different sizes and 8 color options. 


Clip this LED lamp onto the side of your bed or your desk, then you're ready to start studying (physically at least, mentally is another story).


Use it as a decorative throw pillow or as a floor pillow for when your friends visit. After all, we all know how sparse seating can be in a dorm room.


Add some fun to your dorm room desk with this armless fuzzy chair.


Shop Dorm Appliance Essentials

College dorm rooms are typically tiny, but that doesn't mean you can't fit a small coffee maker or vacuum in your room. After all, caffeine and clean floors are necessities regardless of where you live on campus. 

Standing at 20 inches tall and 12 inches wide, this mini Cuckoo air purifier is ideal for a dorm room. It helps eliminate allergens, dust, odor and mold up to a distance of 228 square feet.


A slim, cordless vacuum cleaner that weighs just at 7.5 pounds. The two-speed brushroll works on both carpet and hard floors. 


Stay cool at all times with this Honeywell Air Circulator Fan that is small enough to fit on a desk or night table. 


The slim design makes it easy to fit this Keurig coffee maker on your desk, so you can enjoy some fresh coffee all semester.


Hydro Chill technology pulls in hot air through an evaporative air cooling filter and turns it into cool, refreshing air instantly. 


The bright red adds a pop of color to your dorm. Not to mention, this microwave is compact enough to fit on your dresser or desk.


Shop Dorm Wall Décor Essentials

So you've decorated your bed, floor, desk, and bathroom (if you have one). Now, it's time to cover your dorm walls in decorations. Nobody likes plain walls or a simple bulletin board, but it's better than beige dorm walls. Want to change that? Beyond bulletin boards, we have the wall décor to inspire your inner interior decorator below.

Hang these string lights on the dorm wall. They're easy to install and use in any dorm room.


These hanging shelves can be used to store and display items around your dorm room or apartment. 


Decorate your dorm windows with a printed curtain set. Plus, these work as blackout curtains, so you can easily catch that power nap before your next class.


This diamond print bulletin board is a decoration in itself. Continue decorating it with your favorite photos of your friends or some stadium ticket stubs. By the way, this bulletin board comes in 10 different sizes.



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