'90 Day Bares All': Jenny Walks Out After Sumit and His Parents Insult Her Looks

'I’m not going to sit here and be insulted by everybody,' Jenny told Sumit and his family.

Jenny is not here for criticisms of her appearance. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Bares All, Sumit and his parents, mom Sahna and dad Anil, insulted Jenny's looks and she responded by leaving the room.

Sumit's parents spoke to their son and Jenny virtually, while host Shaun Robinson mediated. During the tense meeting, Anil said Sumit was "shocked" by Jenny's appearance when they first met, specifically, that she looked older in person. Sumit is 32 years old, while Jenny is 61 years old.

"I want to say something. She is very good. I agree. My son is also very good. We also expect the wife of Sumit should be good looking," Anil said. "... Sumit was also shocked to see Jenny. The age of Jenny. Sumit, when he saw her first time, he was shocked."

When Jenny asked her beau if his dad's claim was true, Sumit confirmed it.

"It's shocked not like that, I didn’t feel that the age difference. But, I didn’t [think] you would look that way," he admitted, before adding that he thought she'd look "a little bit" younger.

"Well, this is the first time I’m ever hearing that from you," Jenny said, clearly hurt.

"Obviously," Sumit replied. "Who expect like, do you expect me to say these kinds of things to you? So, I never said. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?"

At that point, Jenny stormed off as Sumit revealed that he never planned to tell her these things, but didn't want to lie after his dad brought it up.

"I think I should not say this to her, ever, but this is a situation where my father said it. So, I have to admit it and I said this, so I admit it here, I did get shocked," Sumit explained. "Because in that time in 2011, the camera quality was not that good. Internet was not that good. So what we saw was not like, it don’t look like clear picture. And when I saw her in for real, like, I feel like [she] looks a little more older than whatever I saw on camera."

An off-camera Jenny went on to question Sumit's explanation of poor camera quality, before coming back onscreen to defend herself.

"You need to be honest, man. Tell the truth," Jenny said. "First of all, I’m not going to sit here and be insulted by everybody telling me I f**king look like an old lady. Who wants to hear that s**t?"

When Anil said that makeup "hides the age of everyone" and can make some people look "quite young," Jenny pointed out how "absolutely" unfair the line of questioning was, given the fact that Sumit catfished Jenny at the beginning of their relationship by using a photo of a person who wasn't him.

At the end of the segment, Sumit said he would have still pursued a relationship with Jenny if he'd seen her as-is from the beginning.

Sumit's family has long been a roadblock in his relationship with Jenny. At one point, Sumit's mother even told him that she'd kill herself if he and Jenny tied the knot.

Sumit acquiesced and offered Jenny a promise ring in place of an engagement ring. Without them tying the knot, though, Jenny's visa was set to expire and she'd have to return to America.

When ET spoke with Jenny about Sumit's family drama, she said, "It's unfortunate that I can't be part of the family, but it is just the way it is."

90 Day Bares All airs Sunday on Discovery+.