'90 Day Fiancé' Star Jenny Calls Sumit's Mom a Liar, Talks Possible Engagement (Exclusive)

The reality star is defending herself when it comes to the shocking comments made about her by the parents of her boyfriend, Sumit.

90 Day Fiancé star Jenny is defending herself when it comes to the shocking comments made about her by the parents of her boyfriend, Sumit, during an episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way earlier this season.

ET's Melicia Johnson recently spoke with Jenny about the continuation of this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, which returns on Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. ET on TLC. Jenny shared that there's a lot more to come regarding her relationship with Sumit's parents -- his mother, Sahna, and his father, Anil.

During an episode that aired in August, Sahna and Anil appeared on camera for the first time to share their thoughts on Jenny. According to his parents, Jenny came to India in 2013 and said she was their son's Facebook friend and wanted to visit the country, so they agreed to let her live with them for a couple of days, though she ended up staying for four months. Sahna said that she was good friends with Jenny, and only later found out she was romantically involved with 32-year-old Sumit.

However, Jenny told ET that this was simply untrue.

"Of course they knew we were in a relationship, we've been together since 2011 and [I came to India in] 2013, so, they knew," she says. "That's all I can say. They have their reasons for not wanting to admit that they knew we were in a relationship. They have their reasons and I can't say what the reasons are, but I know what they are, and you'll find more about what happens with me and his parents as the season moves along."

Furthermore, Jenny disputed Sahna's claims that they were good friends before she found out she was dating her son.

"I'm a nice person and she grew to like me," she says. "And she was just very nice to me. I was never friends with her, ever. I did not know her like that. She came off like we were friends -- no, not true at all. We were never friends and she knew that Sumit and I love each other."

Jenny did acknowledge that she knew where Sahna was coming from when it comes to her concerns about Sumit's relationship with her, specifically, their 29-year age difference. During the episode in August, Sahna told cameras, "She has been in an inappropriate relationship with him. She should have treated him like her son."

Jenny responded, "I understand that's how she feels, of course, she's his mother. And I understand that she doesn't like the relationship. I understand that, but, the fact is that we do love each other and we'd been in a relationship for over a year and a half before she ever met me, so we were already well into our relationship before she met me, and it was kind of too late for her to try to [break us up]."

As for Sumit's parents saying that Jenny "smashed" their dreams when it came to having grandchildren, Jenny said Sumit doesn't want to have kids and his parents already know that. She also pointed out that his younger brother, Amit, just got married, so they can have grandchildren through Amit and his wife. Ultimately, Jenny said she sees no hope for having a relationship with Sahna, though she did note that Anil and Amit were easier to get along with.

"It's unfortunate that I can't be part of the family, but it is just the way it is," she says.

Still, Jenny stressed that she is not keeping Sumit from his parents.

"If they need him, he will be there for them and I will let him, I'm not going to stop him," she says.

She also said she doesn't feel guilty about all the problems her relationship has caused when it comes to Sumit's relationship with his parents.

"I feel lucky for one thing, I feel blessed," she notes. "And who doesn't want to be loved the way I'm loved by Sumit? And like I said, I'm not keeping him from his family, it's completely up to him."

"It's worth it," she says of all her and Sumit's hurdles. "I just went for what I wanted."

As for a possible engagement between the two, she talked about what could happen if they made the decision without his parents' approval. Sahna and Anil have already said they do not support the two getting married. But 90 Day Fiancé fans have speculated the two are already engaged given Sumit's recent Instagram post, in which Jenny sports a ring on her left ring finger.

"Well, the consequences would probably not be good," Jenny says. "His mom already said what she would do, what would happen if we did something like that. She has said it in the past, she has said it again, and you'll see, you'll find out when the season starts up again."

"[There's] so much more to come," she adds of the rest of the season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. "A lot of good things. ... There's so much more to see that's gonna happen that will help everyone understand our relationship a lot better."

Meanwhile, during Sahna and Anil's surprising appearance on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Sahna insisted she did not know at first that Jenny was romantically involved with her son.

"I treated her well," she said of Jenny. "I showed her a lot of love. I never thought they were more than just friends."

Anil said he found out Jenny and Sumit were sleeping with one another when he noticed that his son was talking to Jenny "a lot in the nighttime."

"We were sleeping, and he was with Jenny," he recalled. "I realized they were having some relationship more than friends. I was shocked. She is too old."

Sahna added, "I thought Jenny had a good nature. But after seeing this, I don't like her at all. I'm losing sleep thinking of Sumit, because he's never been so distant from us. I love him from my heart. He is my son. I love him a lot."

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