'90 Day Fiancé': Alina Publicly Calls Out Steven for His Hypocrisy When It Comes to Mormonism (Exclusive)

Alina is not here for Steven trying to convert her mom to Mormonism.

Alina has had enough when it comes to Steven preaching about Mormonism, given his revelation to her that he's had sex with women in the past, which is against his religion. In this exclusive clip from Sunday's 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Steven attempts to convert Alina's mom to Mormonism, and Alina isn't having it.

Steven and Alina, who hails from Russia, met on a language-learning app and although she was initially hesitant to meet up with him since she said that some Russians believe Mormonism is a cult and she was scared he was going to steal her organs, the two hit it off. After spending just two weeks together in person, they decided to move to Turkey together so they could be together since he's unable to move to Russia due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

But Alina has experienced some red flags when it comes to Steven, including him at one point asking her if he could date other women, and him recently telling her that he's not a virgin. Alina was clearly hurt by Steven's revelation because she thought she and Steven were waiting until marriage in order to respect his religion.

In this clip, Alina's mom visits the couple in Turkey and while having lunch together, Steven urges his future mother-in-law to convert to Mormonism. She tells him that she's already disciplined in Orthodox beliefs and that he should respect people's right to choose their religion. Steven says he's just trying to make Alina happy and that faith will be important when they have kids together. But Alina is furious.

"I can't believe Steven right now," she tells cameras. "He's trying to convert my mom. I think it's not appropriate. Especially because we have been fighting. So, I don't like it that Steven kind of pushing it on my mother."

Later, when Steven says he does respect people's right to choose, Alina can no longer hold back her tongue. 

"Like, which commandments to follow?" she shoots back. "Yes, I can't even drink coffee but Steven can break the commandment of chastity."

Alina tells cameras about her boldly calling him out, "I'm tired of listening Steven being so hypocritical, asking my mom about converting and make her follow the church rules that even he can't follow. I just couldn't take it anymore."

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ET talked to Steven in September and he insisted that he wasn't being dishonest when it came to his past and Alina assuming they were both virgins.

"I don't think 'not honest' is the right terminology here, it's just something that didn't, like, come up necessarily," he explained. "I'm not sure I knew at the time that that was something she really valued. ... It's not something I normally talk about it in normal conversations. So, Alina, most of the time when we were calling and talking, it didn't hit upon those subjects. Usually when I call and talk with people, I usually don't tell them how many people I've slept with. So, with Alina, that was just something that we never brought up."

He was also unbothered by some viewers calling him hypocritical for not living up to the standards of his religion but urging Alina to follow them.

"I think Jesus says it best, 'He who is among you without sin, let him first cast the stone,'" he said. "So many people have so many opinions, and that's just what they are -- just opinions. My own beliefs and my own opinions are my own, and I'm fortunate enough that I can have whatever opinions that I want to have."