'90 Day Fiancé': Andrew Walks Out of Tell-All After Amira Refuses to Have Contact With Him

Andrew couldn't handle Amira wanting to have no contact with him whatsoever.

90 Day Fiancé season 8's Andrew and Amira clearly didn't patch things up after their abrupt and dramatic breakup. On part 1 of this season's tell-all that aired on Sunday, Amira refused to have any contact with Andrew -- even though her appearance on the tell-all was virtual -- causing Andrew to get upset and dramatically walk out.

Andrew and Amira, who hails from France, spent the whole season apart. The two first tried to meet up in Mexico to get around quarantine restrictions in the United States amid the coronavirus pandemic, but she was detained by immigration authorities. In a questionable move, Andrew decided to enjoy the vacation in Mexico solo while Amira underwent a traumatic experience. Andrew then pushed for Amira to try again and to fly to Serbia to quarantine and then fly to the U.S. to be with him. Although Amira was extremely hesitant to go to Serbia given her experience in Mexico -- and against her father's wishes -- she decided to go anyway, but ended up flying back home after she and Andrew got into a fight.

Amira appeared virtually on the tell-all on Sunday while Andrew was in the studio with their fellow season 8 90 Day Fiancé couples, and it was clear Amira was still furious at her ex-fiancé. Amira declared, "I will not let him control me ever again." A producer then went out onstage and told Andrew that in order to respect Amira's request to not face him or have any direct contact with him, they had to do their interviews about the season separately and he would have to leave during her segment.

Not surprisingly, Andrew was not having it.

"But that makes no sense," he said. "Because this is a tell-all and we're talking about the story, and we're going through the graveyard of it. And I think we kinda have to do that in the same room. Just don't show me on the camera."

But the producer explained that they still had to respect Amira's wishes, which had Andrew walking off set.

"I'm just gonna go home," he said. "Like, I don't understand why I am not allowed to simply engage in the conversation. People have had to face really difficult conversations with people who are adversarial to them. I've literally come here for the conversation."

"I'm gonna go home, guys," he continued after the producer noted that he would still get to tell his side of the story with the group, just separately from Amira. "I'm sorry, this is not acceptable to me and this is unfair."

Backstage, Andrew told another producer why he wanted a ride back to his hotel room.

"This is unfair and I'm not going to accept this style here, so I will go home if I'm not allowed to have this kind of conversation," he said.

The producer noted that they couldn't force him to stay, but that they also couldn't force Amira to talk to him.

"This isn't a fair agreement at all," he said as he walked out. "Man, I'm out, dude. I want my ride. I'm going home, guys."

Andrew and Amira's relationship ended on this season of 90 Day Fiancé after she said she got a panic attack at the airport right before she was set to fly to the U.S. because Andrew told her he was still mad at her following their massive fight the night before, and that she would be facing "an angry fiancé." Amira also accused Andrew of being "obsessed" with having a baby because his sister just had a child, but explained that she didn't want to have a child at that point given that they were not in a good place in their relationship. For his part, Andrew said Amira had totally changed her tune about having children.

"I am so hurt right now because Andrew is the man I want to spend my whole life with, and to be yelled at by him and to get mean text messages by him, I am in shock right now," Amira told cameras while sobbing after their fight. "I thought he was a good person to me. I thought he was the one."

She later said that after telling him she didn't get on the plane to the U.S., instead of apologizing, Andrew asked for his engagement ring back almost immediately.

"I was so proud to call Andrew my future husband," she said. "And now it's over."