'90 Day Fiancé': Ariela Fights With Biniyam's Sisters in Front of Her Parents (Exclusive)

Ariela's parents are also shocked to find out she's letting Biniyam baptize their baby.

Things are getting heated between Ariela and Biniyam's sisters. In this exclusive clip from Sunday's new episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, the women get into an uncomfortable argument that's made even more awkward since it's all happening in front of her parents, who came to Ethiopia all the way from New Jersey to meet their new grandson.

Ariela and Biniyam have had issues all season long due to their cultural differences as well as their different faiths. While Ariela is Jewish, Biniyam is Ethiopian Orthodox Christian, and he and his family pushed Ariela to let her and Biniyam's newborn son, Aviel, get baptized. Although Ariela eventually gave in, she didn't tell her parents, who are shocked to find out the news from Biniyam's sisters during their meeting. Ariela's dad, who's Jewish, calls the news a "true shock."

"I thought having spoken to Ari that Avi would be brought up Jewish," he says. "I think she's being forced upon."

Ariela's mom, who's Catholic, is also shocked.

"When you baptize them, they're baptized into that faith, usually," she tells Ariela after her daughter tells her that she justified it by telling herself that they were only putting Avi in water and having a party for him.

When Ariela says that she feels that Biniyam's family -- and not even Biniyam himself -- is forcing the baptism upon Aviel, his sisters agree, noting that according to their religion, the baby goes "straight to hell" if he isn't baptized. At this point, Ariela puts her foot down. Ariela had already explained in a previous episode that she was uncomfortable with the idea of Christianity because she doesn't believe in hell.

"I don't like this idea of hell," she tells them. "You're bad, you're going to hell. That's really important. I don't want hell in his life, and I told you, if I catch you doing that, that would be one of the reasons that I really would leave."

When his sisters remark that she's acting just like Biniyam's American ex-wife who left him and took their son, Ariela says that the comparison is "f**ked up" and asks Biniyam if he was going to let his sisters talk to her like that.

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ET spoke with Ariela last month, and she addressed Biniyam having another son with his ex-wife. Biniyam no longer has contact with his ex and older son, after she went back to the United States following their split. Ariela said she would like for Aviel to have a relationship with his half-brother.

"It's actually something I think about a lot," she said. "As I got older in my life, I realize family is really important ... knowing where you came from. ... Obviously, I want my son to know about his culture, but the other thing is, I want him to know his place in the world, and that means knowing his extended family, it means knowing he has a brother. I want him to know about his brother in America."

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