'90 Day Fiancé': Asuelu Gets Angry at Kalani After She Said He 'Made Out' With His Mom

Plus, Asuelu's mom has a heartbreaking reaction to him not giving her the money she wanted.

The family drama continued when it comes to Asuelu's family on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?. Asuelu and his wife, Kalani, visited his mom and two sisters in Portland, Oregon, where things got awkward from the very start.

Prior to the visit, there was already tension over 24-year-old Asuelu's mom, Lesina, expecting him to give her $1,000, despite Asuelu only working part-time and needing money for his own two young sons. Asuelu said that giving money to your family was a tradition in Samoa, though 31-year-old Kalani found it troubling that he was trying to "buy" the love of his family. She also accused him of always blaming her in front of his family when he couldn't give them the money they wanted.

After a rocky start in Portland due to Asuelu wanting to visit his family right away and Kalani insisting that it was late and their sons needed to go to bed, eventually they all met up with his mom and sisters the next morning. But Kalani was shocked when his mom planted a long kiss on her son's lips, and she later told him that it was weird that he was "making out" with his mom, which he denied. Eventually, he got frustrated with her talking about it and abruptly walked away from cameras.

He later told her, "I feel like we just met with my family and you're just upset and annoying with my family."

She replied, "I don't even know what you're mad about. I was just saying it was like a weird and awkward beginning. It's not anything personal. It was just freaking weird, like, you making out with your mom."

Unfortunately, things got worse when the topic of money finally came up with Asuelu's family. When Asuelu said he could only give them $100, both his mom and sister made their disappointment with him known.

"We don't really have anything extra," Kalani said. "He's working part-time. I stay at home because if we don't have money to give where's that going to come from?"

Asuelu told cameras, "I know my family is very disappointed but I want to support my wife, and also the boys. We don't really have much money to spare."

Still, the answer wasn't good enough for his mom, who asked him, "Where is your mind now?"

Things got extra tense when Asuelu's sister said that they were supposed to put their parents first no matter if they were married or not. When Kalani asked her, "Well, do you send money back home?," she shot back, "It's none of your business."

Lesina also told Kalani, "We are asking my son. Just leave my daughter alone."

Eventually, Lesina and her daughters walked out, after she declared she was "done." Lesina also told cameras that she blamed Kalani for Asuelu not giving her money to send back to Samoa.

Meanwhile, an upset Asuelu told cameras, "Kalani told me in the past that my family only calls me when they need money, but today, I feel that it's true."

In a heartbreaking preview of next week's episode, he breaks down in tears while talking to his mom, explaining that if he gives her any more money his sons will "die."

For more on the couple's rocky family drama this season, watch the video below:




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