'90 Day Fiancé': Ben Catches Mahogany in Alarming Lies

Ben is no longer sure Mahogany is who she says she is.

Although Ben's online girlfriend, Mahogany, apparently turned out to be real despite all the tell-tale catfishing signs, there are still concerning signs she might not be who she says she is. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Ben caught Mahogany in multiple lies.

Ben, a former pastor, connected with Mahogany, who lives in Peru, online and they bonded over their faith. Despite their age difference -- Ben is 52 and Mahogany says she's 24 -- and the fact that Ben had been catfished before, he's convinced she's the One. But his family and friends are highly suspicious given that Mahogany's photos are obviously heavily filtered and she refused to video chat with him.

Still, during last week's episode, Ben took a chance and traveled to Peru, but Mahogany was a no-show at the airport and stopped answering his texts. She eventually showed up at the restaurant he asked her to meet her at, and although Ben was relieved she was a beautiful woman, she definitely did not look like her pictures and was much less affectionate in person. On Sunday's episode, Ben asked to meet Mahogany's parents because she said that they were concerned about his intentions with her.

But when Ben met Mahogany at her apartment for the meeting, he noted that she told him online that she lived with her parents, but now she said that she lived on her own. He also said that he could obviously tell that the apartment wasn't actually hers.

"In our texting, she definitely told me she lived with her parents," Ben told cameras. "And that was only like a month ago. The whole thing is just really different than I expected. I could tell that she wasn't really that familiar with her apartment, and there were, like, games that I know she's never played, and like, decorations and a surfboard that she's never used and everything looks way too expensive and it just seems so strange. But I'm just not at that point where I just want to accuse her or judge her for being dishonest."

"This is a really weird moment for me, Mahogany's not telling me the truth about her living situation so I'm just trying to figure out what else has she not told me," he continued. "At the same time, I'm trying to hold it together because I'm trying to stay focused on trying to achieve my goal which is approval from her parents right now. But I'm really thrown off because I've come all this way and now I don't even know if I can trust her."

Later, when Ben met Mahogany's parents, Jose and Sylvia, he discovered yet another lie. Mahogany's mom said she was 22 years old, but Mahogany told him she was 24. When he confronted her about it, all she could say was, "Oh my gosh, I didn't know" and that it was a "mistake."

"I'm 100 percent positive that she told me when we first met she was 23," he told cameras. "And when I was wishing her a happy 24th birthday she never denied it. There was definitely more than a miscommunication on this one."

After the awkward meeting, Ben was clearly unnerved.

"This is definitely not the way I expected this night to go," he said. "The house isn't her house, definitely, no photos of her anywhere, and, then I find out she's not 24. She's 22. I know it's only two years but I've got a daughter that's 22, so. But yeah, the fake house, the age change, this whole thing is, like, freaking me out. Like, right now I'm about ready to go to the airport. Yeah, this is weird. This is really weird."