'90 Day Fiancé': Big Ed's Castmates Call Him an 'A**hole' After His Breakup From Liz

'90 Day: The Single Life': Big Ed and Liz Detail Their First Night Together (Exclusive)

Liz reveals Ed's shocking actions just 2 days after they broke up.

Big Ed and Liz have broken up, and his fellow 90 Day: The Single Life castmembers are clearly on her side. On part one of the 90 Day: The Single Life tell-all that started streaming Sunday on Discovery+, Ed and Liz emotionally revealed why they split, and Ed was called out by everyone in attendance.

Ed, 55, had been pining for 28-year-old Liz -- whom he met through her job working at a restaurant -- all season long, and despite his friends' reservations about their age difference, the two hit it off and actually began dating and discussed moving in together. But during the tell-all, Liz said the two have been broken up for a month and it's partly because Ed wanted to move too fast.

"Ed loves to rush our relationship," Liz told host Shaun Robinson. "When we first became a couple, one week I was meeting his daughter, the next I was meeting his sister, his brother, I was thrown into multiple situations I was not prepared for. It took me months to introduce him to my grandparents -- months for that to happen -- to break up two weeks later. I just never would've taken those steps had I known this was going to be the outcome. Because I did not expect that this would be the outcome. I was expecting to be with each other. ... I thought he was going to be the One."

Ed fought back tears as he agreed that the two moved way too fast.

"Our relationship didn't have a chance," he said. "So, everything she said is true. She told me I don't want to move too fast and I want to keep my friends, and I just skipped right over that. I was so excited, for the first time in 29 years, that I had someone who was interested in me. And I was so afraid to like anyone, to like Liz, because I would get rejected, and the second she said she saw me as boyfriend material, I stopped listening. I didn't listen to one word she said, and I was like, 'I'm gonna make her my girlfriend. I'm gonna make her world amazing. I'm gonna do everything I can to give her what I thought she deserved.' And I f**ked it up."

Liz cried and said she was forced to cave into Ed's demands because he would threaten her that it wouldn't work out between them if she didn't. She said Ed had now completely shut her out, and then made shocking allegations against him.

"You blocked me and went to Vegas, and ranted about your sugar babies," she said, angrily wiping away tears. "I didn't expect to be dumped and then him be out in Vegas living the life."

Liz said Ed went to Vegas and hung out with other women just two days after their breakup. At this point, Ed's fellow cast members called him out. When Ed said he was "trying to fill [his] emptiness," there was no sympathy for him. Liz also said that she would never take him back after he texted her saying he was going to constantly take out other girls until he found someone, which obviously upset her. For his part, Ed admitted he was an "a**hole" and a "d*ck" when they fought, which was constantly. The cast was then up in arms when Ed admitted that he would constantly tell Liz to leave when they fought, and then was shocked when she actually did.

"I think you're bulshi**ing us, Ed," 90 Day Fiancé star Colt told him. "Stop telling me stories of what your therapist is telling you, you sound like a piece of sh** that would make me blush, and that's saying something. You're tricking Liz here, you're giving her all this crap, while you're off here having fun with all the sugar babies. What the f**k is she supposed to do? You literally have an excuse for everything. You're lying to her, you're making her feel bad for every little thing."

Later, the group once again criticized Ed when Liz said he had a picture of his own face up in his bathroom, and wouldn't let her decide anything when it came to making her feel welcome in his home.

Fellow 90 Day Fiancé star Molly noted, "Not only are you an a**hole, you're a self-absorbed a**hole."

Colt then chimed in, "Ed, the difference between you and I is, I know I'm a piece of sh**. I'll lie to women, I'll sleep with them, and still expect to have a girlfriend waiting for me. You can't do that. I don't care, you always have a 'but.' You'd rather be Big Ed."

Ed said he was still working on himself and admitted that he's always wanted attention. Later, his daughter, Tiffany, made an appearance on the show and said her dad and Liz broke up seven times during the course of their relationship. She also said that Ed acted out in Vegas for attention.

"I don't love myself. I just don't," Ed tearfully said. "I know that sounds stupid and here I have a girlfriend, like, why is she with me? She's beautiful, like, why does she like me? And that's why I was acting like such an a**hole, Liz, I was heartbroken. I liked the attention. It made me forget about you know, us, for a minute. So, I'm sorry."

Colt still didn't let him off the hook.

"I feel like you're saying one thing and just doing something else," he observed.

After Ed accused Colt of "showboating," Colt gave Ed a piece of his mind.

"Every day, every action you take, you can just say, 'Hey, do I want to be an a**hole and selfish, or do I want to be a better person?' You pick the a**hole every chance you get, I'm sorry, but you do," he told him. "And until you decide not to, I'm sorry, dude, you're gonna be unhappy and you're gonna drag everyone down with you."

ET spoke with Ed in February, when he explained why he wasn't attracted to women his own age. Watch the video below for more.