'90 Day Fiancé': Bilal Pulls Over After Shaeeda Repeatedly Hits Him on the Head

Shaeeda and Bilal have a lot to learn when it comes to respecting one another's boundaries.

Bilal and Shaeeda aren't seeing eye to eye when it comes to respecting one another's boundaries. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, the two got into a big fight, which had Bilal pulling the car over after Shaeeda repeatedly put her hands on him after he asked her to stop.

On Sunday's episode, Shaeeda, who moved from Trinidad and Tobago to be with Bilal, was anxious about meeting Bilal's extended family, particularly, his ex-wife. On the way to the meeting, Shaeeda was upset that Bilal felt she was overreacting and that he was always lecturing her. When Bilal joked that she had a booger in her nose, she lightly hit him on the back of the head. Bilal in turn said she needed to keep her hands to herself. Shaeeda continued to touch his face, and said that people in her culture were "touchy-feely."

"We hit, we give you elbows," she said.

But Bilal wasn't having it.

"That's disrespectful," he said. "So keep your hands to yourself, watch your tone, because I can literally pull over and you'll be taking an Uber for the rest of the ride home."

Shaeeda hit him again on the head, which caused Bilal to pull over.

"Shaeeda is being aggressive, and it's making me look at her in a different light," he told cameras. "She's doing it as a joke, but it's a joke that I don't play."

He told her, "I'm thinking you're a violent person, and that's what I'm not trying to be with."

Meanwhile, Shaeeda was confused by his serious reaction.

"I don't understand, like, Bilal put me through this horrible prank, having me spend the night at his old house, I would think that he would have a much lighter sense of humor when it comes to me giving him a little tap on the head, but apparently he's not playful when it comes to him."

The actual meeting with Bilal's ex-wife went well, though Shaeeda said she felt alone because Bilal wasn't talking to her. Later, Bilal said he no longer felt like going on a planned date night with Shaeeda after she had already got dressed up, and explained that he was upset that she repeatedly touched him when he asked her not to. Shaeeda once again said she was being playful.

"I feel like Bilal tends to get hurt so easily," she said. "Where I come from, we say things, we offend each other, we move on."

But Shaeeda said she wouldn't put her hands on him again now that she understood how seriously it upsets him. But she also noted how alone she felt in a different country and shed tears.

"I'm very, very sorry and I will not do it again," she said.

Bilal accepted her apology but noted that they definitely needed more time to get to know one another.

"Right now, we are not ready to walk down that aisle," he said.

ET recently spoke to Bilal and Sheeda about their journey on this season of 90 Day Fiancé, and he explained the controversial prank he played on her when she first arrived from Trinidad and Tobago. Watch the video below for more.