'90 Day Fiancé': Mohamed Says He Doesn't Want to Be a 'Babysitter' to Yve's Son With Special Needs 

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90 Day Fiancé's Mohamed and Yve aren't seeing eye to eye about what life will be like for them now that he's moved to America from Egypt. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, while it was clear that the couple had plenty of physical chemistry, Mohamed was taken aback that Yve wasn't catering to him like he expected.

Mohamed is 25 years old and began a relationship with 48-year-old Yve when he slid into her DMs. During a previous episode this season, he said his perfect woman would "love him as a mother" and would "prepare everything" for him to make his life easier. On Sunday's episode, he was shocked that after sharing a passionate first night in America together, Yve had to leave for work.

"I expected, after two years of waiting for this morning, I was dreaming that I won't have breakfast in bed and that I would go out and explore where I'm living," he said. "I'm trying to understand but I didn't want my first morning in America to be by myself."

Meanwhile, Yve told cameras that she didn't have a choice but to work since she is the sole provider for them as well as her son, Tharan, who has special needs. Mohamed was then shocked when she showed him the food to make breakfast and that she didn't cook it for him. 

"Don't just get used to that," he told her. 

"Yve made me frustrated because I expected her to cook for me because my mom, she usually cooks for me and watch my needs," he told cameras while being obviously clueless in the kitchen. "So, if I need something, I expect Yve to do the same. This was not what I was expecting from my future wife. I've only been here one day, and I already miss my mother."

Later, Mohamed finally met Tharan and the moment was sweet. Yve worried that while Mohamed had "a heart of gold," caring for Tharan would be "too much" for him. But when Mohamed and Tharan met, they hugged and Tharan said it was "so cool" that Mohamed was there.

"It was an amazing feeling when I saw Tharan for the first time and he gave me a hug," Mohamed told cameras. "This hug made me feel that I'm home."

Yve said that Mohamed knew that consistent child care for Tharan was something she struggled with in her daily life and that part of his role was to assist her so that she could work. But Mohamad clearly wasn't on the same page.

"I like Tharan and I don't mind to help Yve, but, I left everything, my country and my family, and my ability to have other dreams in Egypt," he told cameras. "And I came here to be living with Yve, but I am feeling a little but more of a babysitter than being a fiancé. I am not prepared to do these female duties in my next 90 days."


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