'90 Day Fiancé': Mohamed Says He Wants a 'Mother'-Type Relationship With Yve, Who's 23 Years Older

Mohamed bluntly says he wants a woman who will take care of him like a mom and that he's found that in Yve, who's 23 years older.

There's already major red flags when it comes to 90 Day Fiancé newcomers Yve and Mohamed's relationship. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Mohamed arrives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, from Egypt to be with Yve and says a few eyebrow-raising comments about the type of relationship he wants to have with her.

Mohamed is 25 years old and began a relationship with 48-year-old Yve when he slid into her DMs. On Sunday's episode, Yve, who's also a mother to a special needs child, was excited about Mohamed's arrival in America although she acknowledged that her loved ones had reservations.

"I know that some of my best friends, they have all these concerns," she said. "Like, 'What does he do, like, why is he so young? Oh my god, there's got to be a reason why the guy wants to be with you and not just because he loves you. I don't know, like, he wants a sugar mama or he wants a green card,' or something like that. But I love this person. This is two years in the making. I just feel it in every part of my being that I know that it's right. I'm a pretty intuitive person."

The couple had a happy reunion at the airport, but Mohamed noted how hard it was for him to leave Egypt. Yve said she was worried about how Mohamed would settle in during the next 90 days.

"He's leaving a country that he's never set foot out of," she pointed out. "And he was living with his mother who cooked all his meals and I'm gonna be away most days all day, so that's going to be a huge adjustment."

Later, Mohamed told cameras that his ideal partner will love him like a mother. 

"My perfect woman in my imagination is the woman [who] will love me as my mother," he said. "So, someone [who] prepares everything for you to make your life easier. That's what I was looking for." 

"Yve makes me feel good," he added. "She's older, she's mature. She's taking care of me."

As for Yve's house, he noted that it's twice as big as the house he was living in in Egypt. And although she put a lot of work in getting the house ready for him, he was upset that Yve didn't set up a bidet for him. A bidet is important to him since he practices Islam. 

"When you're going to pray five times a day, you're gonna be facing God. So, you have to be clean, 100 percent," he told cameras. "Tissues for us, it's not enough." 

Mohamed bluntly told Yve that she had to get the bidet set up.

"You will get it done," he said to her as she awkwardly laughed. 

But Mohamed was seriously upset.

"I don't know why she didn't get this bidet working before I come because that's really, really important to me," he told cameras. "I'm a little upset about that, but it's our first night together. I'm not going to let that bother me too much. But, I feel like this is an example of the culture in America is completely different of what I believe in in Egypt."

Mohamed was already having doubts about his relationship with Yve.

"So, my fear is that I invested in this relationship, I left my country, my family, Yve needs to make sacrifices as well for me and if she doesn't I think that's going to ruin our relationship," he said.


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