'90 Day Fiancé' Bombshell: Producers Step in After Tyray Gets Catfished 

The new season of '90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days' is already bringing the intense -- and in this case heartbreaking -- drama.

The new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days is already bringing the intense -- and in this case heartbreaking -- drama. On Sunday's season premiere, a bombshell was dropped when lovable new cast member Tyray was pulled aside by a producer, who let him know that the person he's been talking to online for four years was not the person he thought she was.

Tyray is 33 years old and lives in Modesto, California. He acknowledged having body insecurities and was candid about wanting to find love. Tyray is obviously kindhearted, moving in with his mother after she had a stroke to take care of her. Although he appeared to have found love with his girlfriend, Carmella, who lives in Barbados, a huge red flag was that he only ever talked to her on Snapchat. Still, he was completely enamored with her, describing her as "Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion combined."

"We do have, you know, naughty Snapchat sessions," he said, also sharing that they talked every day. "We do send, like, sexy pictures and videos. You know, the booty."

When a producer asked him if he's ever asked to video chat with her, Tyray saif he did once but she didn't respond so he never asked again.

"Maybe she's not comfortable, or maybe she doesn't like video chatting, I know a lot of people don't," he said. "I do plan on seeing Carmella soon, I'm just trying to see if I can find a flight that's in my small budget so that's pretty much what I'm waiting for at this moment."

"Carmella is my girlfriend right now, but hopefully soon, my wife," he added.

But during the last scene of the premiere, a producer named David took Tyray aside and said the team found some information about Carmella that he wanted to let him know about. David noted that after he tells him the information, Tyray can decide if he still wants to be on the show or not.

"We've learned Carmella has not been honest with you about who she is," David told him. "The person you've been messaging with for the last several years is not the same woman in the pictures and videos."

David said there's still a lot that they don't know, but after Tyray gave them Carmella's number, they reached out and eventually they made contact and the person admitted that they're not who they've been telling Tyray they are.

"So, the person you've been messaging with is a man," David told a stunned Tyray. "I'm sorry."

"Wow," Tyra responded in disbelief.

Still, obviously Tyray's story isn't over. In a trailer for the new season, he's seen throwing his phone after a friend shows him Carmella's photos on a website for escorts. Watch the video below for more: