'90 Day Fiancé': Brittany Talks Airport Fight With Yazan and the Future of Their Relationship (Exclusive)

'90 Day Fiancé' star Brittany is talking all about Sunday's jaw-dropping fight between her and her fiancé, Yazan.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 2 star Brittany is talking all about Sunday's jaw-dropping fight between her and her fiancé, Yazan, which happened almost immediately after she landed in Jordan to start their lives together.

The 27-year-old rapper moved all the way from Palm Beach, Florida, to be with 24-year-old Yazan in Jordan, and although they initially had a sweet greeting at the airport -- Yazan came with flowers -- things turned sour even before they left the parking lot. A major issue between the two has been how she's going to adapt to the culture in the country, given that the free-spirited Brittany has said she does not want to convert to Islam. This was put to the test right away when upon leaving the airport, a note from TLC shared that Yazan got extremely upset off camera when Brittany hugged members of the show's crew who put a mic on her, and when he saw that she had a container of alcohol in her carry-on bag. Yazan proceeded to curse at both Brittany and TLC producers, while a stunned Brittany told cameras she was "not proud of his behavior."

ET's Melicia Johnson spoke to Brittany on Wednesday, and she said that despite Yazan's temper, she wasn't scared of him at the time.

"That behavior in that moment, it was shocking, but after dealing with my ex and you know, I did, like, grow up for the most part in Palm Beach but I am from 79th street in Chicago, so not much scares me," she says. "He's usually very calm and very sweet and very understanding so I was like, 'You must need a nap or something.'"

Brittany said she has no regrets about her actions at the airport since Yazan didn't inform her that her bringing alcohol or hugging crew members was a problem for him, even though he claimed otherwise to cameras.

"Seeing Yazan yell at me like that, it was super cringey," she admits, looking back. "I don't like people yelling at me, especially a grown a** man. That's not cute to me."

She teased that viewers will see in next week's episode that she doesn't back down from their fight.

"If you know me, you know I don't play," she says. "I gave him regular old Brittany ... so that's what he got."

Of course, many 90 Day Fiancé fans have been doubting that Brittany and Yazan's relationship will last, given their extreme cultural differences. However, Brittany insisted that Yazan immediately embraced who she was since meeting her virtually though his sister, who lives in Chicago.

"He accepted me for who I was from day one because he always followed my Instagram and he was liking and commenting on those posts, so he must have not had a problem with it," she says with a smile. "He must of loved it and it seems like that's what he was looking for."

However, Brittany acknowledged that the two definitely need to compromise on certain things in order to make their future work.

"When I'm dealing with someone -- especially from a different background, and he's used to things being a certain way -- we're learning to compromise," she says. "I think sometimes you have to just check things at the door that you're not willing to accept."

"We still have time to see if the compromise is worth it," she adds. "I think it's too soon to tell. So far, I think everything has happened the way it's supposed to and I'm enjoying the ride."

Though one thing she is not willing to compromise is her personal beliefs.

"I'm not gonna convert to any religion for anybody," she says about Yazan and his parents' desire for her to convert to Islam. "I don't think that's a good idea for anybody. If you do it, it should be for God, not for a man."

She has the same mentality when it comes to her changing to fit the more conservative culture in Jordan, though she does gladly wear a hijab.

"If I sacrifice anything ... it's going to be for myself because I decide that it's a good decision," she stresses. "It's not gonna be for anybody else or for any man because that's the only way I'm going to stick to it, if it's really for myself and something I believe in. I think it's unfair, really, to try to change yourself for any other person."

"When you try to overstep your boundaries and you try to change someone else, that's when problems arise," she adds. "When you try to change other people's opinions and views, that's when problems arise. You can talk to people and have them sympathize and empathize with you, but at the end of it all, you can't force that person to change. So, I think that's what I try to focus on and I believe that's what Yazan is trying to focus on, because he kinda gets where I'm coming from and the type of life that he wants to live and that we want to live in the future."

So far though, Brittany said she's loving living in Jordan.

"Jordan's amazing," she says. "I like the people, I like the culture. I like the different things it has to offer, the natural beauty of it, the deserts and all that stuff. When I went I was like, 'Wow, this is so different than what you would expect hearing on the news or something like that.' They try to make it seem so bad and dirty and stuff but it's not."

She also is a big fan of Yazan's parents. Yazan's father was introduced to viewers on Sunday's episode, when he talked to his son about Brittany's arrival in Jordan. He gave Yazan his blessing when it comes to his and Brittany's unconventional relationship, though stressed that he wanted her to convert to Islam and that they needed to be married before they slept together. He also won viewers over when he told Yazan to make sure to bring Brittany roses at the airport.

"I do love Yazan's parents," Brittany tells ET. "I don't know exactly where his parents stand. I can't speak for them and I won't speak for them, but I will speak to say I love them and I do think they try their best to deal with the situations at hand with their experiences and their lifestyle. I think they're just doing the best they can, and I don't blame them and that's their son, 100 percent, so that's their baby and I understand all of that."

Viewers also can't get enough of Brittany's dad, who lovingly supported her decision to live in Jordan, though he's obviously concerned for her. Brittany said she gets more comments from women trying to date her single dad than she gets about Yazan.

"My dad actually learned a lot raising me and dealing with me and stuff like that," she says. "He knows how to deal with women and be understanding and patient because he had to raise his daughter. ... He is such a good guy. ... Everybody is asking for my dad to have his dating show."

As for what's in store for the rest of the season, Brittany says there's definitely more issues she and Yazan will run into when it comes to family.

"Me being crazy, family drama, Yazan being crazy," she says with a laugh about what viewers can expect.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.