'90 Day Fiancé': Brittany Is Keeping This Big Secret From Her Jordanian Fiancé Yazan

Brittany also admits she once dated an 85-year-old man.

Season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way premiered on Monday night on TLC and introduced fans to who's sure to be one of the breakout stars of the franchise -- 26-year-old Brittany from Palm Beach, Florida.

Brittany, an aspiring rapper who also works as a model and does marketing, describes herself as a "seven-layer cake," noting that she's a "Barbie" and a "girly-girl" who doesn't like hearing no for an answer. She's engaged to 24-year-old Yazan, who lives in Jordan, though he's definitely not the type she's gone for in the past. Brittany says she got into "the wrong relationship" when she was 17 and that her ex was very controlling. Since then, she's only dated men 45 years old and up, and shares that she once dated an 85-year-old man. Brittany says that older men are fans of her braces in particular.

"The older, settled gentlemen really like it," she says with a laugh.

However, her dating preferences changed when she met Yazan, who's two years younger than her. She met him when she visited her family in Chicago, and Yazan's sister actually lives upstairs from her sister. One day, she came into the room when Yazan and his sister were video chatting and it was love at first sight.

"I am super, super in love with him," she says, noting that he's also different from her other exes in that he isn't super rich.

After four weeks of chatting, Yazan sent Brittany money to visit him in Jordan and proposed to her a week into her visit. She now plans to move to Jordan to be with him though she hasn't informed her father, who raised her by himself. She eventually tells him on camera, and not surprisingly, he's shocked that she's planning to leave America in a week for good.

"This doesn't fly with me," he tells her. "You're making such a quick decision."

Meanwhile, Brittany acknowledges that it's going to be a shock to move to Jordan, especially considering that the culture is much more conservative and she admittedly doesn't like being told what to do. Yazan tells cameras that he thinks Brittany will eventually come to like Islamic culture, though he notes that Brittany is very different from the women who live in Jordan who depend on their husbands and like to stay at home.

Yazan says that before he can even get an apartment with Brittany, he has to marry her because his parents will not approve of them living together before marriage. He notes that his parents are actually expecting them to marry just a few days after she arrives in Jordan. But it turns out that Brittany, who also says she's not interested in becoming Muslim, is keeping one huge secret -- that she's still technically married to her ex.

Brittany consults a lawyer and tells her that she got married five years ago, and that her estranged husband is giving her a hard time when it comes to getting a divorce. Brittany's ex, whom she started dating when she was 17, actually got deported to Haiti by ICE after living in the United States since he was three years old just four months into their marriage.

Brittany says she "forgot" they were still married and reiterated that he was "very, very controlling." She said she also didn't know he wasn't a citizen and that there was a possibility he would be deported. The lawyer tells her that a divorce can take six to 10 months if they have to get the Haitian government to get involved since he's not cooperating. Brittany notes that she obviously has a big problem on her hands, given that while Yazan and his family know she's been married before, she made them think that the divorce had been finalized since she thought it would be by the time she and Yazan married.

Meanwhile, Monday's premiere also introduced fans to fellow 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 2 star Ariela, who is expecting a baby with her Ethiopian boyfriend, Biniyam. Ariela, who's from New Jersey, plans to move to Ethiopia so Biniyam can be present for the birth of their child. ET spoke with Ariela ahead of the premiere, and she defended her "genuine" relationship with Biniyam. Watch the video below for more: