'90 Day Fiancé': Corey Reveals Shocking Details About His Affair in Peru

The whole truth about Corey's affair with a woman named Jenny in Peru while he was legally married to Evelin has come out.

The whole truth about Corey's affair with a woman named Jenny in Peru while he was legally married to Evelin has come out. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Corey finally revealed the shocking extent of his relationship with Jenny while he and Evelin were "on a break," which he has yet to fully tell Evelin about.

Evelin and Corey secretly married a year ago just so that he wouldn't have to go back to the United States and that so he can legally stay in Ecuador to be with her. However, the two hit a rough patch and Evelin asked for a break, which is when Corey traveled to Peru and ended up meeting Jenny. Although Corey eventually went back to Ecuador and reconciled with Evelin and they're now planning a wedding, Evelin is still clearly bothered by his fling with Jenny and also has no clue about just how serious Corey got with her.

Corey, who had been expressing to cameras that he was nervous about Evelin finding out more things about his relationship with Jenny, finally came clean to their friend, Raul, on Sunday's episode.

"It was serious, you know, like, she introduced me to her family," he told Raul about Jenny as Raul reacted in shock. "And we were gonna actually get a place together. But Evelin doesn't know any of that, she just thinks it's a one-night thing."

"I believed that me and Evelin were 100 percent done," he continued. "When I got back to get all my stuff, my surfboards, my-- everything that I have here, the pandemic hit. Due to quarantine, me and Evelin kind of started mending things back together, and I had stopped talking with Jenny."

But Corey had even more revelations when he spoke to cameras in his confessional.

"I lied to Evelin when I told her I wasn't intimate with Jenny," he said. "I told Evelin that I did see a girl while I was in Peru, umm ... I didn't tell her just how serious it was, I didn't tell her that we were in any kind of relationship."

"I never actually, fully ended things with Jenny," he added. "I did cut communication. I was not talking to her for many months, and I just left it at that. I didn't reach out to her anymore once I realized that me and Evelin did have an opportunity to fix our relationship."

Raul said Corey needed to tell Evelin the whole truth, and that if he didn't, he would go ahead and tell Evelin himself.

During Sunday's episode, Evelin also finally broke the news to her parents that she secretly married Corey a year ago, and that they paid a stranger off the street $20 to be their witness. Not surprisingly, her mom was heartbroken. Watch the video below to see the intense moment.