'90 Day Fiancé': Deavan's Mom Says All She Feels Is 'Rage' at Jihoon

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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way ended on a scary note on Monday, when it appears an accident occurred involving Deavan's young daughter, Drascilla, in Korea.

On Monday's episode, 29-year-old Jihoon and 23-year-old Deavan were still working out their issues concerning their financial situation upon her moving to Korea to be with him. Jihoon once again promised to step it up for Deavan and their family -- which includes their 1-year-old son, Taeyang -- since he previously lied about having a full-time job and having the money to support them all. Deavan reluctantly agreed to give him a second chance for the sake of their son, and things were finally starting to look up.

Deavan and the children were able to move out of the small apartment she had originally rented online for a month, which turned out to be in a bad neighborhood and not like the pictures she saw on the internet. Even Deavan's mom, Elicia -- who came on the trip to make sure Deavan got settled in Korea -- reluctantly acknowledged that the new apartment was great. She admitted that a part of her was hoping it wasn't, so that her daughter would have a reason to change her mind and decide to come back to Utah with her.

Still, the apartment was only rented for a month, and Jihoon acknowledged that he didn't know where they were going to move after.

But during the episode, Jihoon and his parents were able to have a constructive conversation with Deavan and her mom using a translator app. Elicia explained that she was initially upset with Jihoon because of the apartment drama on their first day in Korea, when he didn't even bother to check out the place beforehand. Jihoon's dad apologized, and his mom said they were also surprised at the situation. Jihoon stressed that this was his fault, not his parents'.

Deavan told cameras, "Jihoon relies on his parents to just give him everything he wants, and he's just been too spoiled his whole life. But he has a family now, and they need to stop enabling him."

Meanwhile, Elicia noted, "What I would like to see in the future is for Jihoon to put in as much effort as my daughter."

Jihoon's mom was annoyed at this statement, and said in Korean that Elicia was only saying things that Jihoon should be doing and not Deavan, though Elicia and Deavan didn't understand what she said.

Deavan eventually told the group, "I need both grandparents on both sides to stay back a little. I need Jihoon to step up and be the father, because I've been the mother."

Jihoon's mom replied with a laugh, "If that's the case, we'd be more than happy. It's also what we want. ... I believe my son will do well."

Deavan noted to cameras, "Both mine and Jihoon's parents need to kind of back off, and let us be adults and do it ourselves."

Though after the meaningful conversation, as the group exited the park, an alarming situation occurred when Drascilla appeared to run off in the dark when Jihoon was in charge of her. Both Deavan and Elicia let out panicked shouts, and Jihoon and Elicia started sprinting towards her. In a preview of next week's episode, Jihoon breaks down in tears while sitting in the street, while Elicia is once again, at odds with her son-in-law.

"I dont even want to look at Jihoon again," she says. "All I feel is rage."

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