'90 Day Fiancé': Debbie Heartbreakingly Gets Stood Up by Her Date (Exclusive)

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90 Day Fiancé star Debbie is getting a taste of the not so good side of modern-day dating. In this exclusive clip from Friday's new episode of 90 Day: The Single Life on Discovery+, Debbie gets all dressed up to go on a second date with a man named Jay that she connected with on a dating app, but he never shows up.

In the clip, Debbie is showing off her new look, wearing a lacy black top and shorts. Her son, Colt, and her daughter-in-law, Vanessa, are loving her bold new look, with Vanessa calling her a "MILF." Although Jay didn't seem too into her on their first date during last week's episode, Debbie says she's nervous and excited to go out with him again. However, she admits that they haven't had too much communication and that he didn't answer her text that day. After 30 minutes, it's clear Jay isn't showing up. Debbie calls him and after one ring, it goes straight to his voicemail.

Debbie is heated at this point and leaves a message.

"Where the f**k are you?" she asks. "We're having a date, thank you very much."

Vanessa and Colt note that he forwarded her call and is most likely ignoring her since his phone rang once before it went to voicemail.

"I never realized what the expression ghosting was until now," Debbie tells cameras. "I don't know if this is how people treat each other now dating in today's life. But not to call or text, I don't deserve it, it's not right. It makes me feel like I'm not worth the effort to [spend] five seconds typing something."

New episodes of 90 Day: The Single Life stream Fridays on Discovery+.

So far this season, Debbie's been struggling to date again after being married to Colt's dad for 27 years, who died 13 years ago from a massive heart attack. She's also at a crossroads in her life given that Colt and Vanessa are moving out, so she must now move out on her own since she can't afford the rent by herself.

"It's difficult getting back in the dating game," she noted in a previous episode. "I mean, times have changed."

She also told cameras, "Nobody plans on not having your life partner with you, but there comes a time when that person's not there anymore. Colt's happy, he's got his wife, and they have their lives. It's sad, I really hope that I can find someone. If I can't do it within a year, then, I'll just be alone with my cats. It's probably my last shot."


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