'90 Day Fiancé': Elizabeth Tells Andrei That She No Longer Wants to Get Married in Moldova

Andrei and Elizabeth's second wedding in Moldova is now up in the air.

Andrei and Elizabeth's second wedding in Moldova is now up in the air after lingering tension between Andrei and her family. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Elizabeth's dad and brother arrived in Moldova from Tampa, Florida, for the wedding, and predictably, immediately got off on the wrong foot with Andrei.

Andrei and Elizabeth's family definitely don't get along, and Andrei told Elizabeth that he would show her dad, Chuck, and her brother, Charlie, around in his home country out of respect for her as his wife, though he didn't want to.

"My relationship with Elizabeth's family is strictly because I have her as my wife," he told cameras. "Honestly, if I was not, you know, like, with her in a relationship, like, I would not probably be friends with any of them."

Meanwhile, Chuck and Charlie were not impressed with Moldova and said they had been waiting over an hour for their bags at the airport, which never arrived.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would come to Chisinau, Moldova," Chuck said. "So, landing here was like, this is so surreal."

"Yeah, not a good start," Charlie added. "No bags and it's cold and dreary. It's not Tampa."

Later, there was serious tension during the car ride to Andrei's parents' house, when Chuck and Charlie asked Andrei why he ended up moving to Ireland -- where he met Elizabeth -- when all of his family is in Moldova. Andrei said he was a detective and didn't like the way he was treated at his job, but remained evasive. He acknowledged that he ran into "problems" in Moldova, but when asked, refused to elaborate.

"You don't need to know that s**t, man," he responded.

Elizabeth told cameras, "Andrei told me that he moved to Ireland because his cousin had a job for him there. I don't know why he's being so evasive about it, but they really need to ease up on all their questions because this isn't a good way to start the night."

Meanwhile, Chuck noted, "You know, maybe it's me being an overprotective dad, but what I found a little strange was why he would leave a nice career and move to a foreign country. There's a lot of red flags there."

"It really seems strange that Andrei's uncomfortable with us asking questions about his past," he added. "He's starting to throw out, like, the vibe to me that there's more to it than just him quitting a job."

Later, during a dinner at Andrei's parents' house, Chuck uncomfortably brought up Andrei having no job in America.

"Is that normal here in Moldova? Is that the way you guys do it over here?" he asked.

When Andrei's brother said it wasn't normal for the husband to not have a job, his wife asked Chuck if she could help Andrei find a job.

"I offered him a job," Chuck said. "You turned it down. Because he thought that I would control him and he would be under my thumb. It was his pride, and I told him that when we met."

Charlie added, "Sit on the couch and play video games is a lot easier."

Andrei's brother said they did want Andrei to work and didn't agree with his current arrangement with Elizabeth. At that point, Andrei defended himself and said that Elizabeth asked him to stay home so that he could watch their young daughter, Eleanor. Elizabeth countered back that she only wanted him to be a stay-at-home dad temporarily and that she indeed wanted him to get a job. Andrei and Elizabeth continued to argue in front of his family, and Andrei accused her of just changing her mind at that second. When Andrei asked her why she was even getting married a second time, she dropped an uncomfortable bombshell.

"I'm totally fine not getting married a second time, how about that?" she said in front of her stunned family.

"I think you need to get a few things resolved before you do go through with it," Chuck -- who is paying for the wedding -- responded.

Elizabeth talked to cameras about the heated dinner argument.

"The whole conversation is just really annoying and Andrei is not only ignoring me, but he's ignoring his family and my family," she said. "And he's saying, 'If I'm not happy that he's not working, why are you married to me?' And that's just not fair."

Meanwhile, Andrei told cameras, "Lib is being very, very unstable lately. I don't know what it is, hormones or she's being dumb, but this makes me very worried because I'm not really sure what she really wants. Does she want a second wedding or she doesn't want it? If that's the case, we need to reconsider all of the things."

ET recently spoke with Andrei and Elizabeth, and they commented on both the criticism Andrei has been getting from viewers over his harsh treatment of Elizabeth in Moldova and the drama concerning his past.

"There was no trouble at all, there were actually events that got me to move to Ireland but I don't consider what it was to be very serious," Andrei said, downplaying the incident as a "misunderstanding" between their languages. "But that's in my opinion, but for them it's a little different."

Elizabeth disagreed, and said it was indeed more of a big deal to her.

"But what I can say without giving away too much is that there were surprises that kind of came up and my family is just yet again, digging and digging and digging and bringing it to my attention," she said. "You'll just have to watch, it gets ... it was a lot for me and I'm still kind of processing it, too."

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