'90 Day Fiancé': Emily Kicks Kobe Out of Bed on His First Night With Their Son

The couple also had a beyond awkward fight over breastfeeding in front of her parents.

90 Day Fiancé couple Emily and Kobe are not only having issues adjusting to life in America, but dealing with how their relationship has changed since becoming parents. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, the two had an awkward fight over breastfeeding in front of her parents, and things get worse when Emily kicked Kobe out of bed because he's disrupting their son, Koban's, usual nighttime routine.

Kobe, who's from Cameroon, had to miss the birth of Koban because his visitor visa was denied. After waiting two years to meet his son, Kobe was overjoyed to finally spend time with him, even bursting into tears during last week's episode. But it's clear he and Emily have differences in opinion when it comes to Koban. For example, on Sunday's episode, Kobe had an issue with Emily pumping breast milk out in the open in the living room in front of her parents.

"It's not normal," he told her. "Just because your parents have been letting you do it, doesn't mean it's right."

Emily refused to go to the basement like Kobe suggested and told cameras that everyone knew how hard her breastfeeding journey was, so she was not ashamed but grateful that her body could produce milk when it couldn't in the beginning. Things got even more awkward when Emily's dad joined the conversation and told Kobe that he didn't see anything wrong with her pumping out in the open.

"I wasn't brought up like that," Kobe responded, also telling Emily that she should stop breastfeeding their 17-month-old son. "My younger sister stopped breastfeeding when, like, her son was seven months."

"I can't be sharing breasts with my son, you know what I mean?" he also told cameras. "So I don't want to sound selfish over here, but that's just the truth."

But Emily's dad again sided with her daughter, telling him of breastfeeding, "The longer, the better." Emily and Kobe were clearly frustrated with each other and noted how uncomfortable it was to fight in front of her parents. Emily threatened that she was going to "lose her s**t" on him.

"I am super shocked right now," she told cameras. "The Kobe I met in China would never talk to me like this. He was so sweet, he was so laid-back, he was the nicest guy. And now Kobe is like this manly-man trying to tell me what to do, I'm a little taken aback."

Kobe was similarly upset at Emily.

"She tried to stop the argument, the fighting, by giving me a command, which was very, very rude and disrespectful," he said. "I didn't like that at all."

Kobe said he was nervous since he felt like he had to make up for lost time with Koban, and Koban wasn't taking to him immediately. He noted that he didn't grow up with his own dad and so he was trying to correct what he's experienced in his own past, which is why it was so important to him to be with his son. Later, Kobe was hurt when Emily kicked him out of bed because Koban couldn't sleep with him around, even though Kobe was looking forward to finally spending the night with his family.

"Right now, he's actually distracting Koban," Emily told cameras. "And I think Koban is really confused. It's normally just him and Mommy in bed, and now here he have Daddy in the mix who's being loud and not following our bedtime routine."

Kobe said he felt incredibly discouraged that Emily made him sleep in another bed and couldn't believe it happened.

"You know, I felt, like, left out and stuff," he said. "And I'm not coming to be sleeping alone or sleeping away from my son, you know, I've been away from him from a very tender age when he needed me, and I'm here right now and you're telling me, like, I'm not going to be able to sleep [in the bed]? That's crazy."

"She has to give me this chance as a father to play that role in our son's life, which she's not doing," he continued.

ET recently spoke with Kobe and Emily about this season of 90 Day Fiancé, and he defended telling Emily she gained weight when they reunited at the airport and also reacted to Emily noting that she "loves Black guys." Watch the video below for more.