'90 Day Fiancé': Watch Emily and Kobe Tearfully Reunite After 2 Years (Exclusive)

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Emily and Kobe have an emotional reunion after not seeing one another for two years in this exclusive clip from Sunday's new episode of 90 Day Fiancé.

Emily, who's from Kansas, and Kobe, who's from Cameroon, met at a nightclub in China and quickly fell in love. Four weeks into their engagement, she found out she was pregnant and returned to the U.S. Kobe, however, had to miss the birth of their son, Koban, after his visitor visa was denied. They applied for the K-1 spousal visa but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it's taken two years for Kobe to come to Kansas.

In the clip, Emily tells cameras she's "freaking out" as she gets ready to greet him at the airport. She notes that within the next 90 days, they have to see if their chemistry is still there, introduce him to his son and work on their relationship as parents. She also has to introduce him to her parents and worries he might not like living in America.

"I just, like, haven't seen him and I don't know how it's going to go," she tells cameras, wiping away tears. "Like, I'm excited, I'm very excited but the nerves are getting to me. You know, it's been a long time."

However, once the two see each other at the airport, it's clear the love is definitely still there between them. The couple shares a sweet kiss as Emily cries tears of joy.

"I finally made it, huh?" Kobe marvels as they hug.

ET recently spoke with Kobe and Emily, and they talked about their sweet reunion as well as a moment in the trailer for this season of 90 Day Fiancé when Kobe says Emily has gained weight and Emily's jaw drops.

"I was really emotional, I hadn't seen him in two years and, like, I was really worried about our connection," Emily told ET about their special moment at the airport. "I was so worried that two years went by, I look so different, you know? I had our son [Koban], I was a size six when I met him and then I had gained all this baby weight. I hadn't lost it yet so I was really, really worried about that but then when we saw each other, it was seriously like nothing changed."

"I don't know, it was really joyful," she continued, getting emotional just recalling the special moment. "It was everything I wanted, I was so excited."

Meanwhile, Kobe explained that he meant no harm when he noted that she had gained weight.

"You know, it's a cultural difference kind of thing," he said. "And besides, even before I came over she kept bugging me like, 'You know, I've gained weight,' and stuff like that. I understand if you gain weight it's because of the baby and the weight thing can always be worked upon. You can always do something about your weight if you want the weight to go away. So, that is not something that would disturb me."

"If you love somebody, it's not just about the size, you know?" he continued. "Size, weight should be the least of the things. So when I made that comment that she's gained weight, I mean, I love her for who she is and we can always do something about her weight gain. It's not like I'm mad or angry and besides, if I was back home, if someone says, 'You've gained weight,' it's like ... you're living a healthy life."

Watch the video below for more on season 9 standout stars, including Kobe's reaction to Emily telling cameras that she "loves Black guys."


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