'90 Day Fiancé': Gino Admits There's Things Jasmine Doesn't Know About His Exes (Exclusive)

Jasmine's explosive jealousy is getting harder to ignore.

Jasmine's explosive jealousy is threatening to blow over in this exclusive clip from Sunday's new episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. In the clip, Jasmine is upset over Gino having an ex-wife, but Gino tells cameras that there's even more she doesn't know when it comes to his exes.

Gino, 51, connected with Jasmine, 34, online, and traveled to Panama from Michigan to meet her in person. He plans to propose to her and is ready to have children with her, but one major red flag is her jealousy. Jasmine doesn't even like when he's polite to waitresses, and previously got mad at him for tipping a waitress for good service at a restaurant. In the clip, Jasmine calls Gino's ex-wife, who's Brazilian, "stupid." When Gino questions her insult, she doubles down.

"You have a problem?" she asks him.

He replies, "I don't think you need to call her stupid."

Jasmine sarcastically shoots back, "Oh, she's intelligent. Your wonderful, perfect ex-wife... She's stupid to me."

"I hate that Gino has a past," she also tells cameras. "He has been married before with a Brazilian girl. And I saw on video chat, his house screams her, every corner. But if we're gonna have a future together and you're expecting me to move to the United States, I don't want to live in a house that someone else decorated."

Meanwhile, Gino tells cameras that he's learned not to talk to Jasmine about his exes because she gets so upset that she stops talking to him for days.

"But there's things Jasmine doesn't know about my exes," he says. "And knowing what I know about Jasmine's jealousy, I worry about what she would do if she found out I was still friends with one of my exes."

New episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days air Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

During last week's episode, Jasmine explained her jealous behavior -- which includes checking Gino's phone and having him report to her with video every time he leaves his house -- revealing that she's been cheated on before.

"I'm always calling him and when he goes outside, he has to video call me when he's at the place, when he's in the car, when he's back home," she said of Gino. "I trust him, because he does that. I'm not joking when I ask Gino about evidence."

"You can be the perfect wife, look so beautiful, treat them good. It's never enough," she continued. "But, that's not gonna happen to me again, no. I have told him that you cannot be nice to women. Especially if I'm around. It's not psycho, it's just that ... even though I believe Gino is very different from all the other guys, trust is something that you build over time."


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