'90 Day Fiancé': Jovi's Friend Outs Him to Yara for Sleeping With Strippers

Sometimes, it's your own friends.

Yara got some troubling information about her fiancé, Jovi, on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, and it surprisingly came straight from one of his close friends.

On this season of the hit TLC show, Yara has been struggling after moving to New Orleans from Ukraine to be with Jovi. Yara hates New Orleans and the apartment Jovi got for them to live in, and also holds past resentment towards him. During last week's episode, she revealed that after she suffered a miscarriage, Jovi left her in Albania where they were traveling to go to work while she had to undergo an operation and that she also lost her passport at the time. She said that after the inident, she had a hard time trusting Jovi because she felt he abandoned her. But Jovi insisted that he didn't know she had to undergo an operation and wouldn't have left her if he knew that.

On Sunday's episode, Yara was upset that Jovi had to leave her once again for work for a month, just two months after her arrival in America. Jovi does maintenance on pipelines for oil production for a living and travels extensively, which is actually how he met Yara. Yara was upset since she would now be in New Orleans by herself, with no friends or family to rely on.

For his part, Jovi felt guilty.

"I'm not feeling very good about leaving her," he said to cameras. "It's gonna be a little bit tough. She doesn't know anybody who lives in New Orleans. My mom's an hour away, so she's gonna be having to learn the streets, learn where she can walk, learn how to get to the supermarket on her own. It's gonna be tough. I know it will. I couldn't imagine being stuck in another place with nobody to help me."

Meanwhile, Yara noted, "I know we fight a lot but I still miss him when he will go to work. I still don't want him to go. I don't want to be without him for months."

The two parted with hugs and kisses, and Yara ended up meeting with one of Jovi's good friends, Sara, to get manicures and pedicures. Sara reached out to her to hang out, but Sara also admitted to cameras that while she thought Yara was "nice," she thought Jovi was rushing his relationship with Yara and that he didn't really know her.

Yara talked about her future plans with Jovi to Sara, which included her wanting to start her own salon and finding a job Jovi could do locally so he wouldn't have to leave her for months at a time. Sara expressed her doubts.

"I'm very skeptical of Yara's plans to open up her own salon and start a whole business here because Jovi's really never changed his ways for a girl," she noted to cameras. "And I know Jovi really loves his job, and I know that he would never give that up. So, I think it's important that Yara knows who the man is she's about to marry, and I feel like everyone needs to be on the same page and they both need to be ready."

Sara then decided to share some intimate details about Jovi's past.

"So do you think Jovi's ready to, like, settle down and whatnot, because I know, like, the Jovi before Yara, and he was, you know, always out having a good time until 3 a.m., drunk," she told Yara. "And then, like, not know where he was at or what happened the night before."

"How do you feel about strip clubs?" she continued. "Well, it's just, like, Jovi used to be a regular at one of the ones down here. He knew all the strippers and he'd, like, sleep with them."

Sara also talked about his ex-girlfriend.

"She, like, peed in the bed one time," she recalled. "Not the bed you're sleeping in. But like, she got so drunk she, like, pissed herself in the middle of the night. She legit peed on herself because she was so drunk. No, it's gross. That was the Jovi before Yara. So that's Jovi, but to you, he's probably completely different."

Yara told her that that definitely wasn't the Jovi she knew, and if he was doing that, she wouldn't be with him. She then began to express doubts about her and Jovi's relationship.

"I don't know why Sara is telling me all these bad things about Jovi," she told cameras. "Maybe for her, just funny, I don't know. So many things that Sara say, it was kind of embarrassing. ... And I know a different side of Jovi. And I was starting to think, 'Did I lie to myself?' ... I left everything in my country. I come to New Orleans and now I feel like I don't even know him."

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