'90 Day Fiancé: Julia Threatens a Stunned Brandon That She's Going Back to Russia (Exclusive)

Julia has had it with living with Brandon's parents.

Julia has had it when it comes to life on the farm with Brandon and his parents in rural Virginia.

In this exclusive clip from Sunday's new episode of 90 Day Fiancé, 26-year-old Julia -- who hails from Russia and moved to Dinwiddie, Virginia, to be with her fiancé, 27-year-old Brandon, whom she connected with online -- can no longer tolerate living on the farm and doing the chores. Julia has had trouble adjusting to her new life since she isn't used to waking up early and is used to living the city life, and to top it off, she's been upset that Brandon's parents don't let the two sleep in the same room together while they are still unmarried.

While Brandon has asked Julia to be patient, she's clearly over it. She tells cameras that she is tired of sneaking around with him and needs to move out immediately, and is completely "done." Julia calls Brandon at work and loses her temper.

"I hate this place," she tells him emphatically. "I'm dirty! I look like pig! ... I want leave. I want leave now. I don't want your parents to tell me I need go this, I need do that. I want leave now!"

"I not go to America to clean animals!" she adds. "Brandon, I try but not working. Brandon, this make me crazy, this make me angry."

While Brandon is shocked at Julia's sudden outburst, she threatens to leave him and go back to Russia if they don't move out of his parents' house immediately.

"I want leave now, Brandon. Not today, not after tomorrow, now. ... If we not go Brandon, I go Russia. You understand this?"

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ET spoke to Brandon and Julia last month, and she talked about her relationship with Brandon's mom, Betty, who some viewers have deemed as overly controlling.

"We don't have bad relationship, we just have a relationship like mother-in-law and daughter," Julia explained. "This is not normal. I mean, it's not normal when children live with their parents. We're not best friends and we've never been best friends. ... I love my mother and I love Brandon's mother. But if we live together, I mean, explosion, because this is so hard. Two girls, same house, it never works."

As for Brandon, he teased that Julia's temper will be shown more throughout the rest of the season.

"You might see Julia explode," he said. "You might even see me have a reaction."

Watch the video below for more.