'90 Day Fiancé': Brandon's Parents Tell Julia She Can't Share a Bedroom With Him (Exclusive)

Things are getting extremely awkward between Julia and Brandon's parents.

Things are getting awkward between Brandon's parents and his fiancée, Julia, on Sunday's brand-new episode of 90 Day Fiancé. In this exclusive clip, 27-year-old Brandon's parents, Ron and Betty, inform 26-year-old Julia that while the two are not yet married and living with them, they won't be allowed to share a bedroom. A shocked Julia is clearly not OK with it.

Julia, who hails from Russia, has arrived in Dunwiddie, Virginia, to be with Brandon, but in order to save money, the couple has to live with his parents on their farm. Over dinner, Betty brings up their living situation and notes, "Our house, our rules."

While Brandon's dad chastises him for not being honest with Julia about her not getting to stay in the same bedroom as him, he also puts Brandon on the spot, asking him if he agrees with the decision.

"I think it sucks but, yeah, I understand it," he says. "It's y'all's house."

Julia tells cameras that Brandon needs to stand up to his parents. She then jokes that she and Brandon should get married the next day so they can be in the same room, which Ron and Betty uncomfortably laugh at. But Brandon's mom takes the awkwardness level up a notch when she brings up birth control. During last week's season premiere, Brandon told her that Julia was not on birth control and that he wasn't using condoms, which led her to call a gynecologist to speak with her, even though Brandon told her that Julia did not want to be on birth control.

"You guys don't want children right away, right?" she asks, to which Julia replies that they plan to wait two or three years. "So, you're going to take proper steps to make sure there are no children, yet?"

Julia stops her there and says she should just ask her son.

"This is my life and him life," she tells cameras. "This is not life for parents."

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Watch the video below for more on the new season, which includes Brandon and Julia dealing with a pregnancy scare.