'90 Day Fiancé': Kalani and Asuelu's Families Face Off Over Money

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Kalani and Asuelu's families had a tense conversation about his family's unrealistic financial expectations of him on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?. Kalani and Asuelu have been fighting all season long about Asuelu's mom and sister insisting that he needs to give more money to support their family in Samoa, when Asuelu only works part-time and has two young sons to take care of.

After Kalani told Asuelu that their marriage was in major trouble over their issues -- and after one of his sisters, Tammy, tried to physically fight her during their disastrous trip to visit his family and he failed to take her side when she told him about it -- Asuelu asked for a meeting between their two families.

"He wants everyone to talk about our issues that we've had," Kalani said. "Hopefully everything goes well because if he just, like, picks their side and starts screaming at my family, it's gonna get really ugly and I don't want that."

"If this does go horribly, I honestly don't know what my dad will do," she added. "My dad will either, like, walk away and not say anything or make a big old scene at the lunch spot."

Kalani's dad, Low -- who has previously confronted 24-year-old Asuelu about not stepping up for his family -- noted, "I'm curious to how they expect us to pay for everything. The Samoan culture is to help your family, not help them and put your real family aside. You know, I wouldn't give my parents any money without taking care of you guys first."

Meanwhile, after Asuelu picked up his mom, Lesina, from the airport, she told him that she wanted him to be a "strong boy" and to not be controlled by 31-year-old Kalani.

"You can stand by yourself," she said. "I see now what happen. You put your wife first in your mind. So, what about your mom? That's why I need divorce, please."

Later, at the lunch meeting, Kalani's dad did show some understanding toward Asuelu, noting that his family was "crazy." However, he said that Asuelu needed to stick up for his family, which Asuelu did end up doing.

Things did get tense at one point, when Kalani's mom, Lisa, confronted Lesina and Tammy about blaming Kalani every time Asuelu couldn't send them money -- and once again, pointed out that this is money Asuelu and Kalani don't even have.

"Is that just what you guys think? That every time he says no it's 'cause she said no?" Lisa asked. "Because it sounds like whatever is not good enough, is her fault, and that's not OK."

Low added, "You can't send all your money back to Samoa, and let your family starve."

Still, Lesina continued to insist that Asuelu give her more money.

"So, they're just supposed to fight so that you're happy?" Lisa asked. "They can't give you what they don't have."

Lesina eventually apologized after it was clear Asuelu was putting his marriage and his family first. She said that if she asks him for money and he feels it isn't OK, then it's up to him.

"I'm sorry, Kalani," she also said, wiping away tears. "I'm sorry for everything."

Kalani apologized too, although Tammy refused to apologize because she believed she didn't do anything wrong.

Tammy told cameras, "Asuelu forgot where he came from, and the parents that raised him. ... I don't think Kalani's good for Asuelu. I want them to get divorced and everything."

As for Asuelu, he said that he was a "quarter-half happy" about how the meeting went and Low pointed out that one meeting wasn't enough to sort out their issues.

For more on Kalani and Asuelu's arguments this season, watch the video below.


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