'90 Day Fiancé': Kalani Meets With a Divorce Lawyer and Gets Startling News About Asuelu

'90 Day Fiance': Asuelu Goes Off on Kalani After a Discussion About Romance and Their Sex Life
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Kalani and her dad, Low, are shocked when they hear some unsettling news from the lawyer.

Potentially divorcing Asuelu is a lot more complicated than Kalani thought. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Kalani sees a divorce lawyer after her and Asuelu's latest emotional argument, and found out that there's some serious issues to think about should she end things with her husband.

Kalani, 32, met with a divorce lawyer since she said that she and 25-year-old Asuelu were caught in a cycle of fighting then making up, then fighting again.

"I'm serious about divorce being an option," she said.

But one complication is that when Kalani filed for the K-1 visa for Asuelu to come to the United States from Samoa, her father, Low, had to co-sign since she didn't make enough money. At the time, Low signed papers to be financially responsible for Asuelu for 10 years, but the lawyer said that due to a change by the Donald Trump administration, Low would actually be responsible for Asuelu for life unless Asuelu gets deported, becomes a citizen or dies.

Low and Kalani were visibly stunned.

"Obviously when I had my dad sign that, I could've sworn on my life that we would never get divorced but here we are," Kalani told cameras. "I feel like I was so in love with him and so wrapped up in our romance that we had at the beginning that I was just so stupid with a lot of things."

The lawyer said that the government could potentially seek reimbursement from Low if Asuelu receives any government assistance like welfare or food stamps. Both Low and the lawyer encouraged Kalani to really think about if she wanted to go through with divorcing Asuelu instead of working it out given that they also have two young sons together. But Kalani remained undecided.

"I would hope that if we ever got divorced that Asuelu would go back to Samoa," Kalani said. "If he stayed around, it could turn out to be a nightmare. We're at a fork in the road now. It's either I'm gonna be a single mom and be with my kids or I'm gonna stay married to Asuelu."

Meanwhile, on this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Low has been surprisingly extremely supportive of Asuelu despite not being a fan of his in the past -- at one point, even threatening to give him "an a** whooping." Low told Kalani in last week's episode that she was giving up too easily on Asuelu, and also told Asuelu that he was here for him anytime he needed to talk.

ET spoke with Asuelu and Kalani in February, and the couple said Asuelu's relationship with his father-in-law has definitely improved a lot.

Kalani shared, "I think it's a lot nicer for me to have them getting along, but sometimes I'm just like, ugh, because sometimes my dad will side with him or pick things that he's done and that's irritating, but I'll take the peace 100 percent. The peace is worth it."

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