'90 Day Fiancé': Asuelu Says His Relationship With Kalani's Father Has Improved Dramatically (Exclusive)

Things have definitely changed when it comes to Asuelu's relationship with Low.

90 Day Fiancé stars Asuelu and Kalani are opening up about their rocky relationships with their respective in-laws. ET sat down with the couple ahead of their appearance on the latest spinoff of the popular TLC franchise, Love Games, and they shared one big positive change since the tension-filled season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? aired -- Asuelu is now a lot closer to his father-in-law, Low, after Low threatened to give Asuelu an "a** whooping" at one point.

Kalani's father is a fan favorite for 90 Day Fiancé viewers, given his willingness to continuously stand up for his daughter. Low, who hails from Samoa like Asuelu, confronted him during the season about needing to step up for his wife and two young sons and to stop going out and playing volleyball with his friends instead of taking care of his family. During another memorable moment in the season, he threatened to "make it ugly" after Asuelu threw a tantrum and refused to come out of his room following a fight with Kalani, but promised his wife that he wouldn't get physical out of respect for her and Kalani.

But Asuelu tells ET's Melicia Johnson that his relationship with Low has now improved dramatically, and Low is even teaching him how to play golf. The two practice every day.

"That time, we were not really hanging out together, spending our time together," he says of the two very clearly not getting along during the season.

Kalani adds, "He's been spending a lot of time here, so they've been, like, BFF."

Kalani notes that her dad now at times even takes Asuelu's side over her.

"I think it's a lot nicer for me to have them getting along, but sometimes I'm just like, ugh, because sometimes my dad will side with him or pick things that he's done and that's irritating, but I'll take the peace 100 percent," she says with a smile. "The peace is worth it."

But while Asuelu and Kalani's dad are now getting along great, the same can't be said for Kalani's relationship with Asuelu's mom, Lesina, and his sister, Tammy. Kalani and Asuelu fought all season long about both Lesina and Tammy insisting that he needed to give more money to support their family in Samoa, when Asuelu only worked part-time and had his own two young sons to take care of. At one point, Tammy tried to physically fight Kalani, and Tammy remained unremorseful during the tell-all that aired in September. Kalani tells ET that her relationship with her in-laws is currently the "same as it's ever been."

"I don't have a relationship with them, so, he does the talking or whatever he wants to do with them and I just kind of sit on the wayside," Kalani says. "It is what it is, let's just say that."

Kalani and Asuelu are now returning to the 90 Day Fiancé universe to compete in Love Games, which has fan-favorite couples from the franchise facing off against each other as they answer questions about their partner to prove just how much they really know about one another. Asuelu and Kalani say they had fun competing and joke about what they learned about one another along the way.

"I think Love Games was a really nice challenge for most of the couples, because for me, I didn't know other things that my wife liked but after Love Games, man, I studied everything about you," Asuelu tells Kalani with a laugh. "Maybe if we go to another season or another challenge, we're gonna win, right, baby?"

Kalani disagrees.

"Being on Love Games made me realize we don't know anything about each other, really, other than like, 'Oh, what's your favorite color?'" she jokes. "Anything in depth we were just like. 'Uhhhh.' We need to work on that. We need to get to know each other better."

Love Games launches Feb. 14 on Discovery +.