'90 Day Fiancé': Kim Convinces Usman to Sleep in Her Room

Kim can no longer wait to be intimate with Usman.

Kimberly is putting it all out on the table when it comes to her intentions with Usman. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, 50-year-old Kim got upset at 32-year-old Usman for continuing to not want to sleep in the same hotel room as her, eventually causing him to cave.

Kim connected with Usman --  aka musician Sojaboy -- online and traveled all the way from San Diego, California, to Tanzania, where he was shooting a music video for his song, "Zara," to meet him in person. Although she told her friends she was "100 percent ready" to be intimate with him, Usman wanted to take things slow due to his messy divorce from his ex-wife, Lisa -- who is also an older white American woman. Although Kim at first understood, on Sunday's episode, she couldn't wait anymore.

"I want to see the big picture," she told cameras. "You know, I want to see the kissing. I want to see him sleeping in my bed. I mean, like, come on, bro, I need to know if that sexual chemistry is there. I want to see how this relationship is going to work that way."

She then told Usman she wanted him to stay with her in her room.

"You know, like, I came here to watch you and your video, but I came here for another reason too," she said. "You know what I mean? We have to get to know each other. So, I think you should give up your room and give it to somebody in your team. I really want you to stay with me. I really do."

Usman was not into it and pointed out that they had both agreed not to stay in the same room until they decided they wanted to be in a relationship. He refers to Kim as his "potential girlfriend."

"Well, what If you don't decide that until the last day? Then what?" she shot back. "That's so crazy."

Usman replied, "I don't want to say this, but, I feel like you are just trying to go back and grab something and go back even if you... the way you're rushing it, like, you know, even if it didn't work out, at least I got, you know, like..."

Kim got upset and abruptly wanted to go back to the hotel, refusing to hold his hand.

"We only have this time," she said. "And I keep saying that, and it's not like I'm begging you for sex or any s**t like that. Just forget it."

"I really don't know what else Usman could want," she also told cameras. "You know, for him to move in my room, I've been attentive, I've been loving, I've been his assistant, I've been his manager. I've done everything I can do. And the last thing I'm gonna do is I'm not going to beg. It's on him now."

Later, Usman surprised Kim by knocking on her hotel room door. Not surprisingly, she was ecstatic.

"Oh my god. Like, I don't even know if there's words to explain, like, what is going on inside of me," she giddily told cameras. "He's about to stay with me, finally. I'm really surprised that Usman changed his mind. But I am so excited. I mean, tonight could be the night that I have been waiting for. Like, please let tonight be the night."

"So do you want to, like, watch a movie?" she asked him. "Just want to have sex? I just thought I'd throw that in there. I just thought I'd try."

But Usman was firm in not wanting to have sex with her, even insisting on having pillows to separate them in the bed.

"I'm really happy that Usman decided to come into my room and sleep in my bed," Kim noted. "It shows me that he wants to get closer to me too. But I'm a little disappointed that we are not going to have sex tonight. I mean, we only have this time together before he goes back to Nigeria and before I go back to the States. So it's annoying that I have to, like, take these baby steps with Usman when we don't have time for that."

ET spoke with Usman in December ahead of this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, and it's clear his feelings for Kim have since grown.

"I love her with all my bones, my heart," he told ET of Kim. "Right now, I am in love. I love Kimberly, I can say that any way in the world. I love her. I'm not shy. I'm not ashamed. I am proud to say that I love her. I love her for real."

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