'90 Day Fiancé': Kobe's Friend Temperature Reveals Kobe Comes From a Royal Family, Causes Friction With Emily

Kobe's close friend from Cameroon, the aptly named Temperature, is coming in hot.

Kobe's close friend from Cameroon, the aptly named Temperature, is coming in hot. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Kobe visited with his friend and invited him over for dinner with Emily and her family, and Temperature's outspoken nature definitely ruffled feathers. 

Kobe was excited to visit with Temperature, whom he called a "brother," and confided in him about his rocky relationship with Emily. He said that Emily sometimes had a "nasty" attitude and always wanted to control everything. Temperature said that that's the way it was in America and that even where he lived now -- Columbus, Ohio -- men had no say in anything. Kobe also told Temperature that Emily was pregnant with their second child, even though Emily told him not to tell anybody. Temperature encouraged Kobe to move to Columbus where there was an African community, even though Kobe told him that Emily wouldn't want to move far from Kansas where her parents lived. Temperature told him he was signing his "death warrant" the moment he gave Emily "the right" to make decisions. The usually mild-mannered Kobe told cameras that Temperature awakened "the African man spirit" in him.

"I realize that, you know, I need to wake up," he said. "I need to be the man that I used to be."

Later, when they had dinner with Emily's family, Temperature was shocked that Emily was "the boss" and did things like order for Kobe. He bluntly told them that African men needed "a lot of respect from our ladies." He then dropped a bombshell that Kobe was from a "royal family" in Cameroon.

"If Kobe is supposed to be the heir apparent he would need to sit in Cameroon and govern his people," Temperature told a stunned Emily. "And you would need to sit there with him."

Kobe downplayed it but said that his father is indeed from a royal family. He explained that in Cameroon there's more than 200 tribes and that they have chiefs, and chiefs were considered royal. But he said he was "far away from it" and instead chose his own path. Still, Temperature insisted that Kobe had "the final say" and that since Emily was marrying an African man, the man is the head of the family, and she "belonged" to him." Emily and her family pushed back and her father shot back, "I think there's a reason why you're not married."

Not surprisingly, Emily wasn't happy with Temperature's comments.

"Like, no, we're in America, honey, like, that's not how it works," she told cameras. "But at the same time, Kobe has shown some of this mentality in the past when basically he told me to f**k off in the barn, so I'm just really worried. Am I going to see more of this Kobe after we get married? Is he gonna change and then try to take control of everything?"

When Emily pressed Kobe if he agreed with Temperature, Kobe noted that what Temperature said was true about the African man being dominant but that if there was respect in the relationship, everyone had a role to play.

"But, the man is always on top," he said as Emily's family looked bewildered.

ET previously spoke to Emily and Kobe about their 90 Day Fiancé journey and they talked about overcoming cultural differences and him adjusting to life in Kansas. Watch the video below for more.