'90 Day Fiancé': Kobe Tells Emily to 'Shut the F**k Up' In Front of Her Mom

The usually mild-mannered Kobe shockingly lost his temper at Emily.

Emily and Kobe are seeing unflattering sides of one another after their whirlwind romance in China. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, the couple's bickering since Kobe arrived in Kansas from Cameroon to be with Emily and their son, Koban, uncomfortably reached a head in front of her mom.

On Sunday's episode, Kobe said he was missing Cameroon and that he felt that Emily didn't appreciate the sacrifices he made by leaving his home country. He also found it difficult that he wasn't able to work for 90 days, but wanted to help out with Emily's family's horses. While Kobe was shoveling manure, Emily was criticizing the job he was doing and Kobe got upset. He told her he wanted to do it his own way and that she just wanted to control everything.

"Emily's talking to me as if she's controlling or commanding me like she's my boss, I don't even know why she was there, you know?" he told cameras. clearly frustrated. "Sometimes I just feel like she is just trying to make her family know that she is control of me but I'm losing my patience."

The two continued to argue in front of her mom, Lisa, and when Emily told Kobe he was being rude for not listening to her, he told her to "shut the f**k up."

"I cannot believe you just said that to me," she told him as Lisa shook her head. 

Kobe continued to get upset, noting that he was doing this all for her and she was testing him in front of her parents. Emily eventually walked away in anger.

"We only spent two months together before I got pregnant, so now I'm like, is this your temper?," an upset Emily told cameras. "Like, if we get into it even bigger, are you going to tell me to shut the f**k up? And in front of my mom. I've never seen that Kobe before."

Kobe was similarly surprised at Emily's personality.

"I don't really want to be fighting with Emily, especially in front of her mom," he said. "But, her attitude, her demanding nature, she was never like this back in China and I'm not happy about this."

Later, he talked to Lisa and said he didn't want to "look like an a**hole" but he didn't know how to deal with a woman talking to a man like he was "inferior." Lisa said that while she knew Emily could be pushy and bossy, her husband would have never talked to her that way. Kobe eventually talked to Emily and they continued to butt heads, though he did apologize for telling her to shut the f**k up. But the temporary peace between the couple was definitely shaky.

"I love her and I know she loves me and I want to marry her, but, there are times like, she doesn't want to consider me, which, if we have to get married, man, she has to listen to me," he told cameras. "Because I doubt if she keeps going like this this thing of a marriage is even going to work."

ET recently spoke to Emily and Kobe about their journey this season on 90 Day Fiancé and how Kobe has been adjusting to life in Kansas. Watch the video below for more.