'90 Day Fiancé': Emily Refuses to Let Kobe Drive With Their Son Koban in the Car (Exclusive)

Emily and Kobe are continuing to butt heads when it comes to caring for their son, Koban.

Emily and Kobe are continuing to butt heads when it comes to caring for their son, Koban. In this exclusive clip from Sunday's new episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Emily refuses to let Kobe drive with their son, Koban, in the car, and Kobe notes how much Emily has "changed" after their whirlwind romance in China.

Emily has had trouble adjusting to letting Kobe have a say in parenting duties now that he's finally arrived in Kansas from Cameroon after two years of waiting for his visa to get approved. In a previous episode, Kobe -- who is eager to be a father to Koban after having to miss his birth -- was disappointed when Emily kicked him out of the bed because he was disrupting her and Koban's usual sleep routine, and was also upset that she didn't listen to him when it came to his concerns over her continuing to breastfeed him. In this exclusive clip, Emily says she isn't comfortable with Kobe driving her and Koban and heatedly tells him it's her car and she doesn't care how much experience he has driving in Cameroon.

"So are you going to get in the car or not? Because I'll go by myself," she bluntly tells him when he argues with her.

Kobe says he will get in the car but notes that he's "not pleased." Emily says she doesn't care.

"China Emily was sweeter, like, we had so much fun," Kobe then tells cameras. "And the Emily I'm seeing right now, nah. She's changed a lot. With the way things are going, Emily feels she has already planned everything, I'm just gonna fill the space. But I'm not that kind of a person. I set my own rules and I live by those rules as a man."

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ET spoke to Emily and Kobe last month, and Emily shared that Kobe is "the nicest guy" she's ever been with and that he was exactly her type from the get-go.

"My first real boyfriend was a Black guy," she said. "My high school, we had I think, like, two Black guys, like, not that many at all. I don't know, I was just always attracted to them, you know? Like, they're so hot, you know? So, I just saw Kobe and I was like, 'He's my type,' big arms, like, that's my type ... that's just what I go for."

"It just blows my mind that I met him in China at a bar," she marveled. "Like, thank God he is as great as he is because I could've ended up with someone totally opposite than him and, like, to this day I am mind-blown."

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