'90 Day Fiancé': Larissa Confronts Colt's New Girlfriend and Calls Him a 'Demon'

Plus, meet Colt's mysterious 'crush,' Vanessa.

Larissa couldn't help herself when it came to "sabotaging" her ex-husband, Colt's, new relationship with his girlfriend, Jess, on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?. Larissa contacted Jess -- who also happens to be from Brazil -- to warn her about Colt's "shady" ways.

As 90 Day Fiancé fans know, 33-year-old Larissa and 34-year-old Colt definitely didn't divorce on good terms, and Larissa was arrested three times for domestic violence. Larissa found out about Colt's new girlfriend on social media, and decided to contact her. During a phone conversation, Larissa told a shocked-sounding Jess that while Colt is nice at first, he is a "demon." She warned her that once he didn't need her anymore, he would try to sabotage her immigration status like she claimed he did to her.

She later asked if Colt didn't let her see his phone sometimes, and when Jess replied that he didn't, Larissa claimed he pulled the same move when they were together and that he cheated on her. She also called Colt's mom, Debbie, a "wolf" and "insane." Jess told Larissa that this was too much information for her to process and hung up on her.

Larissa claimed that she had good intentions when calling Jess, explaining that she's older and wanted to look out for her, especially since she's also from Brazil. Still, she did admit that she also wanted to get back at Colt for how he treated her and for messing up her immigration status.

Meanwhile, Colt and his relationship with 26-year-old Jess -- who's currently working as an au pair in Chicago -- is moving extremely fast. She invited Colt to go to Brazil to meet her family after only spending five days with him when he visited her in Chicago, to which he agreed. She is shocked, however, when Colt shared that when he finally came clean to his mother about his relationship with her, Debbie actually invited herself on their trip to Brazil.

Later in the episode, Colt's mysterious friend, Vanessa, is also introduced to viewers. In a previous episode, Jess told her friends in Chicago that there was a woman always messaging Colt named Vanessa and was clearly jealous, though Colt told her they were just "gym friends." But when Vanessa came over for dinner as a way for Colt and Debbie to thank her for watching their cats while they go to Brazil, Colt admitted to TLC cameras that he had a "crush" on Vanessa and that they had slept together one time. He said that, unfortunately, she didn't reciprocate his feelings for her. Meanwhile, Vanessa said she hit it off with Colt when Larissa had gotten arrested for the second time and she was going through her own divorce. She described the nature of their relationship as "best friends," and Debbie told TLC cameras that she wished Colt would date someone like Vanessa.

But Colt was annoyed at both Vanessa and his mom when they started to question his relationship with Jess over dinner. Both women said Colt was moving too fast and Vanessa warned Colt to not send Jess money. Colt assured them that although both Jess and Larissa are Brazilian, Jess was not "baby Larissa." But when it came to the question of money, Colt told cameras that he had in fact helped pay for Jess' ticket back to Brazil and that he had given her $1000 in gifts.

Meanwhile, Larissa had much bigger problems to worry about than just Colt's new relationship by the end of the episode, which ended on a cliffhanger. Larissa got a letter saying she had to report to the immigration building, and was worried she was going to be deported when she arrived. She asked her friend, Hannah, to come with her, so that Hannah could call her attorney if they tried to deport her.

ET spoke to Larissa last month, and she admitted that she felt "sad" seeing Colt move on with Jess. She also couldn't help but see similarities between her and Jess.

"She's Brazilian, I'm Brazilian," she pointed out. "And I thought, 'Whoa, that could be me.' But I mean, wishing him and her the best. I believe they are a good couple but just kinda, she's too fast and he's like, 'Whoa, I don't know what's going on.'"

Larissa also said that ultimately, she wanted "closure" with Colt, though Colt previously told ET that he wanted nothing more than to be left alone by his ex-wife. She shared with ET what she would say to Colt if she were able to talk to him face to face.

"I would say, 'Colt, you were important to me, I believe I was also important to you, because when I met you, you don't have nothing,'" she said. "'But people around you make too much drama ... I wish we could stop. We could be like ex-husband and ex-wife, but we don't hate each other.'"

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