'90 Day Fiancé': Lisa and Usman's Wedding Is in Jeopardy After She Loses Her Temper

‘90 Day Fiance’: Lisa Confronts Usman After He Tells Another Woman He Loves Her (Exclusive)

Lisa and Usman's relationship may be doomed before their planned nuptials.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 4 couple Lisa and Usman's relationship may be doomed before their planned nuptials.

On Sunday's episode of the hit TLC reality show, the two are still experiencing the fallout from 52-year-old Lisa catching 30-year-old Usman telling another woman that he loves her on his phone. Usman, who is an entertainer in Nigeria known as "SojaBoy," denied that this woman was his girlfriend and noted that he has these types of interactions with fans given the industry he is in. Lisa accepted that Usman wasn't cheating on her but cursed him out in the process, calling him a "wannabe player" and "local talent" as opposed to a real star.

The couple was once again at odds at the beginning of Sunday's episode because Lisa was upset that Usman had not proposed to her in person, although they were supposed to be getting married the next day. Usman did propose to her a while back, though it was online and before they had ever met face to face. Usman explained that he didn't want to propose to Lisa because they were still having problems in their relationship and they just came off of a big argument.

Eventually, Usman did get down on one knee to propose to Lisa, though he didn't know if he was doing it right since proposing isn't custom in Nigerian culture.

Lisa, however, was overjoyed.

"It was everything I wanted," she tearfully told cameras. "It touched me and is something I will remember until the day I die. He's my everything and now I'm ready to marry this man tomorrow."

However, Lisa's meeting later that night with Usman's older brothers, Faruq and Muhammed -- who traveled hours to attend their wedding -- definitely did not go well. Faruq admitted to cameras he already had reservations about Lisa given that she's much older than Usman, and he was also skeptical of the two falling in love online. When Faruq and Muhammed later have a talk with Lisa and Usman, Lisa wanted to express her own concerns about Usman to his brothers, telling them that he was stubborn.

But Usman was offended that she wanted to talk about their relationship problems in front of his brothers, and was embarrassed when Lisa's temper got the best of her again. Lisa got upset when Faruq and Muhammed told her that she shouldn't expect Usman to be with her at all hours of the day and that in Nigerian culture, the husband is the head of the household.

Lisa angrily pointed out that she traveled 7,000 miles to be with Usman, and said she was "done" as she angrily left the table.

"You're sitting there, criticizing me, and I'm not doing it," she said. "I'm not sitting here any longer."

"I tried and I failed," she said of marrying Usman. "It's done. I'm done."

A disheartened Usman couldn't believe Lisa behaved that way in front of his family, and wondered how it would be if she acted like this in the United States and he had none of his family or friends' support.

"And now my brothers may end up saying that no, they don't want her to get married to me," he said of the consequences of Lisa's outburst. "At this point, I don't know if there's going to be a wedding tomorrow."

In a preview of next week's episode, Lisa asks Usman if he still wants to marry her, and he tellingly pauses.

Lisa has previously commented on her and Usman's constant arguing and the difficulties they were having when it came to blending their cultures together.

"Despite all the bulls**t drama between Usman and I, I do love Usman more than life," Lisa shared on last week's episode. "But I don't think Usman has ever had a woman put him in his place and I am that woman who has jumped up and said, 'Hey, you're not going to mistreat me.'"

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